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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

100 Drugstore Products You Need To Buy!

Hey beauties!
Feeling uninspired, yet desperate to give you a good quality post, I've decided to write you a list of drugstore products I've tried and liked, whether I own them, have tried them at a friends house, sampled them in the store or previously had them! I've simply linked the product, not titled them or anything!
  72. http://w
Thank you all so much for reading! We hope that you enjoyed this post,
Sophie xxx (Besties blogging x)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

7 Positive Ways To Change Your Life

Hello everyone!

Here are 7 ways you can alter your life and improve self-confidence, esteem, happiness and healthiness! I use these tips a lot and hope you all find them useful as well. Please comment if you have any other suggestions! Thanks:)

1: Drink more water
This is such a commonly used tip and I feel as if everyone reading this will think, "That's what everyone says" but it truly works and is a great skincare hack. Drinking plain water can seem as if it's pointless, but it hydrates you an improves productivity as well as the speed of your reactions. Water is also the perfect thing for clear, glowing skin - drink a few extra glasses a day and see results very quickly! If you are bored with normal water, add a few slices of cucumber or infuse it with several chopped strawberries for the same results.

2: Exercise for shorter periods
This is a slightly strange tip but it is actually great and improves self-esteem. Instead of having a few days a week where you work out for hours, break up this time into a few smaller periods - maybe try to do half an hour per day. This also prevents any stress or aches you have from the prevention of exercising for hours as it can be exhausting and cause an injury. It may also boost your self-esteem because you are doing it more regularly, plus making you happy as exercise and sport releases endorphins that lift your spirits.

3: Substitute unhealthy snacks
Substituting an unhealthy snack, such as a chocolate bar or bag of crisps, for a piece of fruit is such a good way to change your life positively. Firstly, it's healthier, and the slow-release energy of whatever you have exchanged the treat for will keep you going for a lot longer. It will also make you feel a lot better yourself which improves self-esteem. Try this several times a week and be amazed at how good you feel!

4: Listen to motivational, upbeat music 
My taste in music has changed in a short period as the songs I used to listen to would have a big impact on how I thought and viewed life, but as they were quite dark songs, I found that my thinking was quite negative compared to when I listened to upbeat songs for a week. Switch around your playlists and add some dance tracks that are catchy and popular as chances are they will positively impact on your views and emotions. I feel like this is really useful and definitely recommend trying it.

5: Smile in the mirror
It sounds weird, but smiling at your reflection in the mirror can boost confidence and leave you with a smile on your face for more of the day. Smiling also releases endorphins that I talked about above and it just makes you happier. Also, if your friends are down, keep smiling (obviously talk to them as well, don't just stand there smiling) and it should boost their feelings too. Before you leave the house, smile at yourself for a few seconds to marginally improve your day!

6: Call a friend every day
Talking to your friends is a lovely way to boost self-esteem an feel a bit happier. It also strengthens the bond between you and gives you time for a laugh. Go for a walk whilst having a chat or simply FaceTime in your room - why not vary the friends you call daily? Talk to an old friend or have a great time with your best friend, it's your choice.

7: Limit Social Media
I know, I get it, having Instagram and Tumblr and Snapchat is so fun and an easy way to communicate with friends and post adorable pictures, so why limit it? What I mean is trying to get a better quality of sleep by turning off your phone and not using social media after 8:00pm or earlier depending on what time you go to sleep. It relieves stress and improves the time you sleep for, meaning healthy clear skin and less tiredness! Why not give it a try?

Love as always,
Becca, 1 Bestie Blogging xxxx

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Does blogging advice actually work?

Hey beauties!

The admirable blogger Brian Clark (not one I'm a particular fan of, but moving on!) once said: “Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” There are numerous ways to create a 'great blog for your readers', and here is a collection of life-hacks to help you do so!
Which is why, today I’ testing this technique designed to really improve your blog posts and technique, titled ‘The perfect blog post’, which is a pin I grabbed of Pinterest! It basically shows you how to organise and display your blog posts, and I hope it works! Do let me know in the comments if you really like this format for my posts. Today I’ve decided to post about advice for other bloggers out there, because I guess it’s relevant for the test on this pin (see right) that I’m currently doing! Let me know in the comments if you’re a blogger, just leave me the link to your blog so that I can check it out.

I promise you you’re about to read some amazing advice. Are you ready?

We all suffer from ‘writer’s block’. It’s stressful, and always leaves us thinking ‘I give up. I just won’t blog’. Obviously, this is our natural instinct. We can’t think of an idea; we don’t blog. Now, you must remember with blogging: don’t blog because you ‘have to’, blog because you have an amazing idea fizzing in your brain. I absolutely love that feeling when you’re about to sit down to blog, and in your head you have words scrolling through your mind, until they all spark through your brain, veins to the tips of your fingers, then passed through your fingertips, usually making you press the keys on your keyboard way too hard!

You won’t look back on blogging ever again after reading this simple method to blogging perfection!

1.      Don't drag on to much in the intro. No reader wants to read a long, tiresome intro. Chances are this will loose their attention, and they might not make it through the whole post. Keep your sentences short and clear; it shouldn't take more than a few sentences to get across a simple thought (don't go and count how many sentences I just used- I know you will!).

2.      Write your outro (the ending paragraph to your blog) before your main blog. When you begin to write a blog, you enthusiasm peaks at the beginning. Therefore, usually by the time of the outro you're bored and just want to upload the post, so it ends up being something along the lines of: Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! The outro should preferably have a whole new point to it (but a brief one to explain), or conclude your post. Read the one at the end of this post for an example! Another option is to refer to your intro, to make your post cyclic and to tie it together. It's a great idea to end a post with a joke or happy thought, to leave your reader uplifted and content! I'm trying to work on my outros, and if you view my last couple of posts you can see the difference between my earlier posts to now!

3.      Open up, be relaxed and calm when you write your blog. When in a hasty mood, it will come out as hasty to your readers, like outros often do! Trust me, your readers are better at detecting flaws than you are! Mike Butcher said: "Blogging is a conversation, not a code.”

4.      Don't write a blog because you 'feel you should'. No post is better than a rubbish one! Remember, the latest post is the first one to be seen by new viewers- so make it a good one! Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller often says: 'You're only as good as your last performance'.

5.      Use pictures! This is something I've been carefully working on lately. I used to struggle to use pictures effectively in my blogs, but now I'm working on it! It's really useful for entertaining your reader, and skin-scan readers will stay entertained. Listing also has a similar effect; it works especially well when you highlight or put in bold the first sentence in each point.

6.      Avoid using links too much! The odd link is perfect for a blog (like my previous ones on Summer Fashion). However, when links end up replacing visual content, stick to images! Although a post you've written with lots of links might seem fun for you, the readers will have no idea what you're talking about without an image. You really need to tie them in, and use images to keep them reading! If you see my Lush Pamper Evening Post (or something like that!) It's obvious I was thrilled to write that post- try reading it. Is it really enjoyable? I think you get my point, moving on! (Another free-bee thrown in there- move on from your point once it's explained. If the reader doesn't get it- they don't. It's like explaining a joke, which never makes the joke seem funny- just more confusing!)

7.      Put yourself in the readers' shoes. Change your scenery. Sit down maybe 20 minutes after writing the post, read it on your site (not as an author!). Look. Would you be gripped? Would you read more posts on this blog? Would you be inspired to leave a shout-out to them on your latest post? Would it stick in your mind? Can you read the whole post through with-out being bored, even though you wrote it? If you can, there's no chance the reader will be bored! Etc... Your blog is for the reader- keep that in mind! You wouldn't be blogging, if it weren't for the readers, you may as well just keep a diary!

8.      Include your reader! Excite them! Scare them! Worry them! Support them! Mention them personally! If you were reading a blog, and then your link popped up with a description about how much you loved it, wouldn't you be chuffed? Make your reader understand what a big part they play in your blog! And I don't mean a big cheesy speech about how much they mean to you, I mean the link to their site, a personal message to your best friend about how amazing they are, a happy birthday to your viewer... You could even reach as far as serious topics (but you MUST write the post well- there's pressure to touch on serious topics and take them very seriously!), and anonymously but to someone specific, touch them. Make sure it won't make them tear up negatively, but that you're cheering them up. Something like: If you're out there, best friend, I look up to you for fashion inspiration. You're beautiful! (I used fashion as a low-key example!

Do you like the layout of this blog? Don’t forget to comment below to share the link of your blog with me!
Thank you so much for reading,

Sophie xxx

Monday, 13 June 2016

Exciting new products!

Hey beauties!
So many brands are releasing these beautiful new products, from YSL to Zoella Beauty! I'll start off with 3 high end products, 3 middle of the range products and 3 drugstore, low end products! Let's have a chat through these amazing new/well-loved products...
YSL have bought out coloured mascaras? What? I was thinking the same- eww! Many of us here must have had our first mascara coloured- mine was green! I decided to show this colour- I'm the madness, because I thought it looked the most shocking! And at just £25, it isn't too much for £25!!
ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS in color Alice Through The Looking Glass
On the theme of make-up, how could I ignore Urban Decay's Alice through the looking glass palette? Gorgeous! Yes, there are some crazy colours in here, however as it's based on a film with Johnny Depp in the cast, it wouldn't be right to keep it normal- gotta make it special! Again, a crazy price for such an amazing product, only £45!!!
Face & Body Bronzing Powder
It wouldn't be a make-up post without mentioning the coolest-names brand ever- Bobbi Brown! I'm sure this product is one you've all well heard of by now, but when I see it I can just vision it gliding on my cheekbones- gorgeous, luxury and sleek. Yes, it's Bobbi Brown's Face and Body Bronzing Powder, priced at £36.
Pretty Easy Eye Palette
This beautiful palette from Clinique, priced at only £35, just looks beautiful- smooth, clean and easy-to-use colours, which would totally suit anyone. This palette looks gorgeous, and perfect for holidays, school-trips when you can't bring too much, and perfect for any event!
dew the hoola hero
Priced at £22.50, I couldn't resist including Benefit's new product- a liquid bronzer! I just think this is so cool and perfect! It's certainly great for those of you who like to do Kim Kardashian contour, where you use various shades of concealer to contour your face.
dandelion shy beam
Benefit's shy beam, not designed to match the product above, but perfectly does, is a product I also felt a desperate urge to include! No one can say they don't like this product. It's only £19.50, and considering the amazing quality of the product you can't deny the great bargain. Also, It has 5 <3 out of 5 <3.
Zoella Bath Latte
Bath latte! Zoella, you are genius! For those of you that aren't aware, we can now get our paws on these scrumptious Zoella Beauty new products online at superdrug- this product was one I needed to include, at only £6, named after coffee, made my Zoella, perfect packaging and just amazing- what isn't to like!?
Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control
I know primers are really trending right now, so I spent ages trying to find a low end, yet good quality primer- I found this one at Smashbox for £28!

Thanks for reading,
Sophie xxx

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Top 7 Beauty Buys Under £5

Hello my lovelies!

Top: MUA Trio Eyeshadow in Pink Sorbet, £2.50
2nd: Collection Naturally Matte Foundation in Porcelain 1, £2.99
3rd: MUA Translucent Pressed Powder, £1
4th: Revolution Mono Eyeshadow in Touch Me, £1
5th: Collection Volumising Waterproof Mascara, £3.99
6th (top): Revolution The Matte Effect Concealer, £1
6th (bottom): MUA Lipstick in Nectar, £1

These are my basic everyday makeup routine essentials - they give good coverage and suit most occasions. I am currently obsessed with the MUA Trio Eyeshadow as having three similar shades is so useful for long days out when you can alternate the shades and mix them up to create a cute crease line as well. My favourite mascara EVER is probably the Maybelline Fast Lash Mascara as it is incredible and always dries very quickly, but I'm quite keen on the curl that the Volumising Mascara does as it looks as if you have taken the time to curl your eyelashes.

Lots of love, 
Besties Blogging xoxo (Becca xx)

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Overcoming Anxiety

Hello beauties!

As I think I have been quite beauty and fashion orientated recently, I thought I would write about something that I have personally gone through and experienced. Anxiety is a horrible thing and it can affect you at any time or place, and it can happen to anyone. Most people might not understand that it can really lower your self esteem, stop you from going out with even the people you are closest to, and stop you from having fun. Both Sophie and I have experienced anxiety and panic attacks in the past and we hope to help any of you reading this who are going through a similar thing.

For me, I was scared to sleep at night in my own home - in the school holidays, I would dread bedtimes as I hated sleeping and being alone in my bedroom. I can't explain it because it was honesty so irrational but at the time I felt like the world was ending and I would panic about it in the day, hours before the sun went down. I must have only been about eight or nine - and I remember I was Easter, just after my brother's birthday - but I cried and cried for hours before I had to go to bed because I was just terrified of what would happen. Coming home from holidays after staying in another house made it even worse. On the journey home, my tummy would be twisted into knots of worry, waiting for the moment we would arrive home. It got so bad I couldn't eat, I just worried the whole way home about having to sleep in my own room again.

I think the real reason I didn't like it was because I was further away from my parents and my brother, who not only gave me security but also consoled me if I was feeling worried and gave me something to talk about and be distracted by. Also, I have never really liked the dark; the fact you are unable to see what's centimetres in front of you definitely scares me a bit, and that added to my fear. I would cry, get worked up, go upstairs after fighting with my poor parents and then read to myself or with my family as I always felt a lot safer when I was around them and felt as if nothing bad would happen. Then I would get into bed and lie down, and as soon as whichever parent was putting me into bed had left the room, I would start panicking; I don't know what it was, but I would immediately start crying and would go downstairs. As a result, I slept on a mattress in my parents' room for the duration of a summer holiday one year.

Any of you suffering from a similar thing? Do you have a fear that you can't shake off, even though you know it's irrational to worry about? If you do, I completely understand and we both want to help you overcome this fear - so there may be a few of these posts popping up every so often! The first thing you need to know is that it is NOT your fault and you are NOT being stupid or silly or weird. So many people don't tell anyone because they are scared of their opinions and because they think their anxiety isn't normal. Not everyone suffers with anxiety, of course, but that doesn't mean your feeling aren't normal. They are, and the best thing to do is simply talk to someone - a parent, a close friend, a sibling, you choose. Talking about how you feel is a great way to relieve any stress you are feeling under, and may well diminish your anxiety completely.

Anxiety affects different people in different ways, but the main affect is usually similar. Panic attacks and moments of intense anxiety can happen at any time, usually caused by something others don't worry about and don't mind doing. However, the sufferer can experience a range of symptoms including:
  • Headaches 
  • Nausea 
  • Sweating and shivering at the same time
  • Tiredness
  • Faintness
  • Increased blood rate/heart rate
  • Tummy aches
  • Feeling as if the walls are closing in 
  • Catastrophising 
Panic attacks usually happen suddenly or when you are faced with a fear. For instance, as soon as my parents left my room at night, I would feel my heart start to beat much quicker than normal and I remember sweating in the winter and shivering in summer out of fear. Also, feeling sick and even physically throwing up is another common side effect of  anxiety - I used to stay in the bathroom, crying, trying not to throw up.

Overcoming It 
Overcoming anxiety and stopping these panic attacks sounds impossible, but with some hard work, you can stop feeling like this. I have beaten anxiety and now feel generally happier and more relaxed in day to day life, and although I am still a very conscious person and definitely do sometimes panic about little things, I have learnt how to control it and can calm myself down quite efficiently. It may be hard, it make take months, but in the end, it is worth it and you will be able to control your anxiety and help others with the same problem.

Firstly, you should understand

The message of our post is to reassure you all that anxiety is normal and other people do think the same way as you; up to 1 in 10 people experience a panic attack in their life. If you think you are suffering with anxiety, talk to someone and tell them! Remember the saying a problem shared is a problem halved - it's completely true! My parents knew some of what was going on, but one Easter, after having to sleep in their room because I couldn't face my own, I recorded all my thoughts and feelings in a secret journal and then showed them; they understood how hard it was for me and the panic that I was feeling and since then, so many problems have been solved.

I remember having a 'worry time' allocated each day that I would sit down with mum and just talk about anything that was on my mind. She bought a book that dealt with anxiety called 'How To Worry Less' and we would use the tips from it, flipping through and reading random pages. One of the best tips that worked really well for me was imagining your worry as a bug, and then visualising locking your worry bug into a chest inside your brain and storing the key away somewhere very safe. Think of this whilst in school, having dinner, doing any of the normal things you do - the golden rule is you can't open the chest until worry time where you can discuss it. Whenever you feel the familiar bubble of panic or anxiety rising or you start to think about your worry, immediately tell yourself off and lock the chest again. Then, at worry time, I would open the chest and talk about my worry with mum. She would talk about it as well and I would tell her everything on my mind; talking to someone is like writing a journal, it helps get all the feelings out, and will hopefully stop you from hiding your anxiety.

Another thing that helped me whilst I was dealing with panic attacks was imagining my worry was a black dot - black and colourless, big and fuzzy, distracting me and bugging me. I would tell the bug to bug off before I would go to bed and whenever I started to feel the panic rising again, I would picture the worry inside me, growing bigger and bigger as it made me feel smaller and smaller. There is something very satisfying about diminishing the bug from you whilst telling yourself that it's just a stupid bug, bugging me, annoying me, trying to get attention. After around a year of being scared to sleep in my room in the holidays, these methods helped and I realised I wasn't scared anymore last year. Since then we have been on man holidays and I haven't panicked once about coming home and sleeping in my own room, which is a huge improvement.

I still worry, about small things rather than bigger things, but my anxiety has been controlled and sorted out - and now I want to help you. If you feel scared inside all the time and you don't know why, email me at  or comment in the comment section below for a chat. I would be more than happy to help, so please don't be shy! 

Sophie will be posting another upload on worry and anxiety and panic attacks soon, so keep reading to understamd her story as well. 

Thank you all for being so lovely and understanding! Sorry for such a miserable post - I will be uploading a beauty tutorial later so be sure to read that! 

Lots of love, 
Becca xxxx

Hey beauties!
Sophie here xx Becca wrote this post, which I wasn't aware of and I must say everything she sayd is so trust-worthy, reliable and true. Currently, I'm suffering from anxiety or panic attacks daily, over the tiniest of things. I wanted to add in a few things Becca didn't mention.
First of all, if you don't suffer from anxiety, and you're just reading this because you like our blog, the best advice I can give to you is to watch this video:
Anxiety is a horrible feeling. I once read this article, in hope it would give me support with my attacks. I really liked the message they gave: Anxiety doesn't make you properly ill (in the past it has caused me to vomit or faint, but that's beside the point!) it's just uncomfortable. For those of you that do suffer from anxiety you'll know exactly what I mean. Anxiety can make you feel ill, and that's a natural instinct from your body. But, chances are you won't actually be sick. You might be sat in a classroom, and randomly a wave comes over you and you want to get out. You either feel uncontrollable hot or sick. I often find the noise level around me changes, either everything gets louder and makes me feel stuffy, or it gets quieter and I just hear my thoughts, usually saying something like 'Get out! What are you going to do? You can't go out. But you need to!?' It's like devil and angel.

I suffer from separation anxiety, where I feel specifically safe around a small handful of people, but when I'm alone in these scary situations it makes it much harder. For example, the bus often triggers my anxiety. I know why. It's because I can't get out. I need to get the bus, I have no choice because my school is 20 miles away. I also have no choice to get off at the next stop, like I might on a public bus. Finally, it leaves me alone to panic before the bus at 4:00, when school's out for the day!

I know my little section was super short, and Rebecca's was far better, but I just know how serious and deeply I feel about it, to the extent I've had to go to the doctors about it, so I thought it was important I played a part in this post. Rebecca really inspires me, because I know if she could she would be able to let her anxiety grow to be a major as mine, but because she's so resilient and strong, she manages to get on with things she might find difficult, and make the most of amazing situations. This post was called 'Overcoming anxiety', because Rebecca has overcome it. Unfortunately, I still find it creates obstacles for me in life. For any advice, comment below!
Sophie xxxx

Jasmine and Makuna Bath Set Review

Hello my beauties,

This post will be a review of the Jasmine and Manuka Bath and Body Set from Topshop. I am currently obsessed with it and its gorgeous products and use them every day - the smell is just amazing. I hope you enjoy!

So the box is beautifully designed, with purple, turqouise and black detail - and all the products inside are matching, which pleases me as the design is so cute! The set includes Bath Crystals, a Body Lotion, a Body Spray and a Body Wash, as well as a Body Buffer - perfect.
I actually received this set quite a while ago as a present and am so happy about it; I decided to wait until Summer before opening it up and using the products so I am very glad I did as I feel like the scent is quite light and Summery, almost exactly matching my favourite perfume at the moment.

Out of the four, I think I prefer the Body Lotion as it is really creamy and super-smooth to apply; my skin feels lovelu and refreshed after washing with it! The Body Spray is beautifully scented (they all have relatively the same smell but the body spray is a bit cleaner and fresher I think) and is lovely to apply after a shower or bath, plus it stays on for the duration of a whole day and can't be erased easily. The Body Wash is massive, unlike the Lotion, which is good because it has lasted for about a week already and it still weighs about the same as it did when I first used it, and the sweetness is more obvious than any of the other products (or maybe I'm just weird). Finally, the bath crystals are clear and smell great - they literally scent the whole room which is great - and make the bath water very nice-smelling, so I feel super clean after bathing using them albeit I don't think they will last very long!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely rest of day in the sun:)
Lots of love,
Besties Blogging aka Becca and Sophie xx (Becca)

Best Summer Sleepover Ever

Hello beautiful people!

Today's post is all about how to have the best Summer sleepover ever; as it is June now and definitely getting a bit warmer here, so why not? Sleepovers are one of the best things to do with a special friend or your squad, so grab a few besties and enjoy yourselves! Below are the recipes, playlist, food, outfits and add-ons you will need to have the best time! Happy reading guys:)

Firstly, Sophie and I will be having a Summer-themed sleepover on Saturday so keep reading for some Tumblr pictures and updates! We will try to post as much as we can at the moment but please bear in mind we are both very busy with schoolwork, especially Sophie as she is taking important end of year exams currently. If you have any post recommendations or suggestions, please leave us a comment or drop us an email and we will definitely take it on board! We are both trying super hard with this blog at the moment and any post suggestions would be very welcome so please do. Thank you all so much - you mean so much to us! Love you all lots. >3

Time and Location
Times for sleepovers are very important - after school or strictly weekend? Make sure to tell your squad a few days before the event so they are all free and no one is left. Also, you want as much time as possible! If you are planning for a weekend or holiday, get yor girls to turn up quite early in the afternoon s you can maximise the time you have together. Arriving at around 3 means several hours of fun before dinner and then of course, lots of time afterwards for all the normal sleepover things (you know: popcorn and a movie, crazy selfies, face masks, the deal).
You also need to decide whether you want a home sleepover or if you want to make it bigger and go out somewhere. Shopping is a great thing to do before the actual event as it leaves you time to talk, grab something to eat, have fun and also gives you things to wear and talk about later. Photo booths are a definite when you're out shopping with your friends so be sure to take some cute group selfies! Other options are a film at the cinema, a classic idea that never gets old and is perfect for threesomes or larger groups, or a day out such as the zoo. You could even go for a swimming session at the local pool, hang out at the park or do some baking - it's up to you! If you have a theme such as Summer, you could do something that matches the theme, such as swimming or a day out at the beach if you are lucky enough to live close to the seaside.

Dress Code
A dress code means all your guests will be wearing the same thing which will look fabulous on a day out or on a cute photoshoot! For Summer, I suggest something like dresses because you can all have a different shade and it will be goals. Other options are beach (bikinis and swimsuits) or just casual, so your guests can choose their outfit. Having an accessory even should wear is another idea; why not all try having cute bows or statement necklaces? You could even choose a colour for your friends to wear!

In order to have the perfect Summer Sleepover, you definitely need some fun games and activities. YouTube challenges and tags are always great fun with your closest friends so why not try a few? The Chubby Bunny Challenge is one of the most popular; simply grab a bag of marshmallows and take turns seeing who can say 'chubby bunny' with the most marshmallows in their mouth! This is guaranteed a laugh with your baes - YouTube is full of sleepover inspiration and challenges you can do with your friends. Truth or Dare, 21 Dares, The Best Friend Tag, The Cinnamon Challenge, The Cream Challenge are all fun games to try as well.
Baking is another perfect idea, but might be better with smaller parties. In Summer, cupcakes or brownies and some fruity flavoured ice lollies are the way to go. Keep reading for brilliant recipes you will fall in love with!
Bored and a bit hyper? Make up a group dance to your favourite song and film it - later, edit in some special effects and have fun pretending to be Little Mix as you do. Alternatively, sing a song together taking turns for each verse; who knows, you could be the next Taylor Swift.
There are plenty of fun sleepover activities you can do, so use YouTube as inspiration or just brainstorm with your friends and come up with whatever ideas take your fancy.

Everyone knows girls love to just sit and chill with their best friends; music is a must for a successful sleepover. Create a playlist that you all like with a mix of your favourite songs that you can sing along and dance to and then Shake It Off to your tunes! This will produce some laughs and will just add to the fun party atmosphere. Sophie and I are currently loving No by Meghan Trainor and Burn by Ellie Goulding as they are both great amusement to dance to. Below are some unmissable hits you msut include in your sleepover!
  • Love Me Like You, Little Mix 
  • Me Too, Meghan Trainor
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer, Shawn Mendes
  • Lush Life, Zara Larsson
  • Ain't Your Mama, Jennifer Lopez
  • Hair, Little Mix
  • History, One Direction
  • Tell Me Something I Don't Know, Selena Gomez
  • Good Girls, 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Sledgehammer, Fifth Harmony
  • Into You, Ariana Grande
  • Be My Baby, Ariana Grande
  • Out Of The Woods, Taylor Swift

Depending on the weather and location of your sleepover, a picnic is an amazing idea for a Summer-inspired sleepover. Having a range of food means you have something for everyone, plus the style of picnic is pretty laid back and easy. Smaller dishes such as sushi, chicken, Chinese, and salads are perfect for picking and choosing, plus a few fruit dishes.
Snacks are a must - ice cream or ice lollies, fruit salad or cocktails are super fun when the weather starts warming up. Mix lemonade with some juice or even start afresh and make iced tea and serve in mason jars for a sweet, Summery snack.
During the late evening, popcorn and Skittles are perfect, but make sure t include something that everyone likes - or make a trail mix of your favourite snacks and then share a huge bowl - it's a special occasion! This means you can have a tasty treat whilst chatting, chilling, or watching a girly movie.
Everyone has heard of the Tumblr obsession of cute mason jars - I have included three amazing infused water recipes that would suit the theme of any Summer Sleepover for you all! Grab glasses, jars or jugs and whip up these delicious drinks for your friends to sip whilst chilling in your party location.
Recipe 1: Lemon and Mint
Mix a sliced lemon with a small handful of mint leaves in cold water (I recommend served in a jar) and add a few ice cubes for a Summer twist. Enjoy!
Recipe 2: Basil and Strawberry
Chop 8 strawberries in half and place them in a jug of very weak lime squash. Now take 4-6 basil leaves and add these. Add ice (optional) and serve for a refreshing, fruity water.
Recipe 3: Berry Blast
This recipe can use any berries you have; simply chop around 6 of any types of berries and add them to a jug of cold, icy water. You should have at least two types (I recommend raspberries and strawberries but blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries are all good as well) then add 3-5 slices of cold cucumber for a contrast to the sweet berry. Enjoy this lush mix!

There is absolutely no excuse for not decorating your room or garden to make your celebration even better. Lanterns and fairy lights are really trending at the moment and would make he garden look gorgeous; if the weather is nice, string lights around a tent or trampoline and spent some quality bestie time relaxing in your fortress! If you are having trouble with inspiration, scroll through Pinterest's pages and imitate a few rooms. Your bedroom could be designed like a disco to go with a theme, or even a beach - go overboard! Grab coloured lights and hang them from the ceiling or on any existing hooks you have, or alternatively balance lanterns and candles on your desk and furniture. Turn off the main lights and have fairy lights and candles as your light source for a girly atmosphere, perfect for an evening in with a chick flick. Zoella's rooms are always immaculately decorated...head over to her channel for some stylish inspiration if you're a bit stuck!
To make a tent for you and your squad, grab some blankets and clothes pegs and use a chair or desk to balance the construction. Hang more blankets over the top and spread some cute throws on the floor. Add some cushions and lanterns and you're done...ideal sleepover fortress!

The morning brings lost more definitely isn't over! Breakfast can be a lot of fun with your friends, so why not make some pancakes or alternatively buy them for the morning so you can decorate with maple syrup and Nutella. Leave out juice, pancakes, fruit and pastries for a breakfast banquet, meaning your friends can pick and choose. 

My ideal sleepover outfit (in Summer) would be jeans and a cue tee or on a really warm July day I would wear denim shorts (I'm obsessed with an embroidered acid wash pair from New Look at the moment) and a cropped vest with a kimono or a layer me top. Sophie and I have quite different styles but we have both noticed they are quite similar as we spend a lot of time shopping together and our styles have rubbed off on each other, so on sleepovers we tend to just wear a cute outfit, but she is definitely more a jeans and cute vest top and bomber jacket girl, so that's our typical outfits. However, in Summer, shorts and vests are gorgeous - why not wear light clothing and hang out at the park? Tumblr pictures look great with pastel shades and white vests, so get on your outfits and have a photoshoot.
I think clothes aren't the most important bit of a sleepover, so don't fret about what you're wearing, but make sure it is comfortable and good for chilling as well as going out, or you might be faced with an awkward situation.

As I mentioned in the food section, I have incorporated two of the best ever recipes for you to use at your sleepover; I love these and would definitely recommend for these if you want the perfect girly night in. Enjoy!

Recipe 1: Nutricious Nutella Bars
  • 1 pack digestives
  • 110g butter, softened to room temperature
  • 140g icing sugar
  • 1 jar of Nutella
  • 150g chocolate chips 

1. Crush the digestive biscuits using either your hands or a rolling pin. Put them in a freezer bag beforehand to prevent mess. Then mix with the butter, icing sugar and half the Nutella.
2. Grease and foil line an 8x8 inch pan. Press the mix into the pan.
3. Using a microwave, melt the chocolate chips and add 5 tbsp of the remaining Nutella.
4. Spread this mix over the biscuit base already in the tin. Make sure it is relatively smooth and even.
5. Using clingfilm or tinfoil, cover and put in the fridge. It will take about 30 minutes until you can eat; then serve and enjoy.

Recipe 2: Skittle Cookies
  • 175g butter or margarine, softened
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 175g dark brown soft sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 150g plain flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • A small packet of Skittles (any flavour)
  • 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda  
1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees Centigrade / Gas Mark 5. 
2. In a large bowl beat the butter/margarine, caster sugar and dark brown soft sugar together. Add the eggs, beating well. 
3. Crush the skittles with a rolling pin. They shouldn't be whole as it can cause choking.
4. Stir together the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt. Gradually add the flour mixture to the butter mixture and stir until blended. Stir in the skittles. Drop onto an ungreased baking tray using a tablespoon; make sure they are far apart as the mix will spread. 
5. Bake for 6-10 minutes in the preheated oven, until they are lovely and golden brown.

You can also change the Skittles to chocolate chips or raisins or toffee chips for a different taste. With raisins, adding a few shakes of cinnamon is perfect for a Christmassy scent! 

Well, that is all - I hope you all have fun planning and having your sleepovers. Please comment with any post suggestions or feedback if you enjoy reading our blog. That would be amazing! We love you so much >3

With lots of Summer love, 
Besties Blogging xx (Becca)

Amazing Zoella-Inspired Pamper Party

Hey, my beauties!

Here is the ultimate pamper party to do by yourself or with a few friends, inspired by YouTube sensation Zoella! She has several bath and body ranges out in Superdrug now, and all her products are just so pretty and look amazing - so this post will hopefully help you decide on a few of the best. At the moment I am loving the Soak Opera Bath and Shower Gel; it smells amazing and the packaging looks good enough to eat. Anyway, happy reading lovelies:)

Firstly, for those of you who might need a guide on which of the best products available, I have included a list below of several unmissable bath and body buys. Enjoy!
  • Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel
The blue and pink packaging looks amazing and it smells even better! Perfect for Spring and Summer, this girly, fruity smell will have all your friends super jealous. It really wakes me up in the early mornings when I'm too tired to function and scents the whole bathroom.
  •   Kissy Missy Lip Balm
I think my favourite thing about this adorable lip balm is the smell - so fruity and perfect! It's application is smooth and easy, the pot is gorgeous and the colour is subtly sweet. Love it!
  •   Awesome Drawesome Bathing Collection
So, this kind of wraps up the whole range in one, but if you have a larger budget, the Awesome Drawesome Collection includes loads of  products for an entire week of spa nights and pamper parties. It also looks great in your bedroom or bathroom and is packaging so just is so perfect!
  •  Mini Fizz Bar Duo

Bath bombs and fizzes are probably the best thing ever but these really state how girly and cute they can be! I love how they are packaged (I always think they look like bath chocolate!) and they really scent the bath differently from other similar products.
  • Soak Opera Bath Soak

I feel like this is something Zoe would actually use every day - I love to relax in the bath with some lush-smelling bubbles made by this beauty! It really relaxes and calms me and I am in love with the peachy pink colour scheme.

Pamper Routine
You will need:

1. Soak Opera Bath Soak
2. Zoella Fresh Fizz Bath Bombs
3. Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub
4. Zoella Candy Cream Body Lotion
And a candle of your choice (I know she has a candle but i have searched for it and can't find it so improvision may be necessary for this).
OK, here is your spa/pamper night routine:

1. Run a deep, pleasantly warm bath and add a few squirts of the delicious-smelling Soak Opera bath soak for some sweet-scented bathing.

2. Light a candle and place it on a windowsill or table a safe distance away. You could alternately light 5-10 candles and use this as a light source instead of an actual light to create a relaxing atmosphere (I love doing this SO much!). Make sure not to have any electric candles too close to any water.

3. Crumble up some of the Fresh Fizz Bath Bombs and sprinkle their glittery goodness in. Enjoy the amazing smell once you zone out.

4. Wait a few more minutes in bliss before entering your heavenly bath.

5. Relax in silence for as long as you wish in your bath. You could even take in a snack or some music to add to the magic.

6. Once you are fully relaxed and nice and toasty warm, use the Scrubbing Me Softly body scrub and the Candy Cream Body Lotion to pamper your body.

7. When you feel ready, jump out and towel yourself down. You could also use a body butter (I love the Soap and Glory ones) or a body moisturiser.

8. Grab a book, a hot chocolate and some melted marshmallows and snuggle down to read. Lush!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post - it was primarily for your enjoyment. If you try this pamper routine please tell us in the comments!

Lots of love,
Besties Blogging xx (Becca)

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tutorial:Blonde Dip Dye (All Natural)

Hey lovelies!

Today I am writing about natural ways to lighten your hair in any season with five easy tips you can use several times a week for results pretty much after a day. I have been trying to get a natural dip dye recently and have noticed lightening after three days of using salt water spray applied to the designated area of hair so it honestly does work.
Most people like having slightly blonder hair in the warmer months of the year, firstly because it is a popular trend, secondly because lighter dip dye effects look fantastic with the typical Tumblr summer style. So, if you are desperate for a natural-looking lightening effect without using harsh chemicals and bleach on your locks, I have chosen five tips that will help you achieve that super sweet look. Happy reading all!

 Method 1: Lemon Juice and Sunlight
This will take 30-45 minutes depending on the heat, so allow time. Put around 1/4 of a cup lemon juice and the rest parts water into a medium spray bottle and spray it on the hair you want to lighten (alternatively, if you want a natural dip-dye, simply dip the ends in the solution instead of spraying it on). Then sit out in the sun where your hair can be bleached by the sun until the juice dries. Do it again until your hair feels too dry and sticky. It should take about 3-6 tries for this to work, but this old-school method will leave your locks lighter, with perseverance. Wash and condition your hair afterwards to prevent it from staying dry and brittle.

 Method 2: Salt Water
Mix several large pinches of salt with water and then put it in a spray bottle. The solution should be very salty but should not be saturated (all the salt needs to have dissolved). Then spray it onto the hair you want to lighten and wait until the water dries. Again, it will take a few attempts to see results, but the salt's natural lightening qualities will make a difference if you stick to it. You should always use shampoo after putting anything in your hair, so make sure to get rid of any salty lumps that might be hiding away from you!

 Method 3: Cinnamon
Yes, strangely cinnamon can contribute to the lightening of your hair too! This method is quick, easy and takes only a few tries for obvious results to amaze you. Shake a teaspoon of raw cinnamon into a handful of your favourite conditioner (shampoo before) and make sure it is covering all your hair. You can use a wide-toothed comb to help you spread it out evenly amongst your hair. My personal tips for this method are leave the conditioner in for as long as possible (2-3 hours is good) if you don't want to wrap your hair and sleep with it in. Also, make sure to have a higher concentration of conditioner on the roots of your hair as they will need more colouring (if you want to lighten your roots, of course).

 Method 4: Tea
Make a large pot of tea (chamomile tea is preferred but most types will do) and allow it to cool for around 30 minutes. Do not put any milk in as it won't help lighten your hair at all and works in he opposite way. Then rinse your whole head with the mix; tea also has qualities that slowly lighten your hair over time! However, try not to use this method too frequently; I would advise 2-4 times monthly is a perfect balance.

 Method 5: Honey
Using raw honey is obviously going to be quite a sticky task; some think mixing several tablespoons with a few drops of lemon juice and vinegar makes it easier and also promotes lightening. This is your choice - either use 2-3 tablespoons plus 5 drops of both vinegar and lemon juice and then apply this to your hair using a comb or brush (again, try to spread it as evenly as you can, with a slightly higher concentration on the roots at the base of your head) or simply apply raw honey to your hair (the areas you want lightened, leave any others bare or use wraps to avoid the honey spilling/leaking into other areas you don't want to bleach). This is quite messy, so if you don't want to use wraps or a shower cap to cover your hair whilst sleeping, I suggest applying the mixture mid-afternoon and washing your hair before you go to bed to get rid of the stickiness. Always condition hair after using honey, vinegar, salt, lemon juice or any other food products to make sure it doesn't stay in your hair and cause brittleness or dryness.

 Hopefully you will be able to notice results after using a few of these! Of course, another super-natural thing you can do to your hair to lighten it slightly is just spend lots of time outside when the weather is nice because sunlight naturally lightens hair without any chemicals or anything applied to your hair. There are also several chemical-infused things you can buy that include chemicals to bleach your hair as well as proper hair dye (but if you don't want to/can't use hair dye there are plenty of ways around this) so you could try a few and experiment. If your school doesn't allow dip dyes, simply lighten your whole hair - it will still look great and gives you more time to think about what you want to do with your hair when you are older! At the moment, I am using cinnamon in my conditioner around twice a week and also using lemon juice and honey in  my hair to lighten it by a few minor shades for Summer, although I don't want there to be a huge difference in colour between it and my original shade, which is a very light chestnut brown. I am also working on making the ends slightly lighter, like a very natural dip-dye effect.

 Finally, I have compiled a few of my favourite hair hacks ever that you can use to keep your locks super smooth and glowing! They are for all ages and all hair types so at least most should be helpful for you, and I have tried to include a few tips for growing out your hair as well. If you are looking into growing your hair out you can also read my post on how to grow your hair in a month, which includes a spreadsheet with several methods I use all the time that help add length to your 'do. Enjoy!
  • When washing your hair, don't always use shampoo. Conditioner contains chemicals that really makes your hair shine and shampoo's job is to clean your hair and scalp, plus stripping your locks of all vitamins - some of which can make your hair look super shiny! In order to keep your hair looking and smelling good, use shampoo maybe 1-3 times a week but not more than that. If your hair isn't greasy and doesn't need washing so frequently, simply use shampoo only once a week. I do advise using conditioner a bit more though, as it will prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle and tangled. It is also super sweet-smelling!
  • Dry shampoo is a great option for days when your hair isn't looking too great or you just want a bit more volume (different types/brands deal with different jobs such as shine, dandruff, volume and revitalising colour if you have coloured hair). If your dry shampoo isn't really suiting your hair style, look into a different brand. Bastiste make amazing, adorably decorated dry shampoos in a range of styles and sizes so they are perfect for chucking in your school bag. If not, maybe try a more expensive brand and see if it works. I like to carry around a dry shampoo in my bag in case I run out of time and need a quick spray to keep my 'do looking cute!
  • Instead of washing your hair and then rinsing it off with warm or hot water which frazzles hair and gets rid of important vitamins and minerals, use cold water to get rid of any shampoo/conditioner you have left. It will keep your hair looking strong and healthy.
  • Try to use a hair mask or a leave-in conditioner once a week or once a fortnight as it will look really good and make a lot of difference! I like to use a hair mask as a bit of a treat on a Sunday evening after the weekend and in preparation for the week ahead. It also strengthens hairs if you get into a routine, depending on which you decide to purchase.
  • Rinsing your hair with olive oil might sound crazy but it can really help - during a bath or shower, apply it to your roots and make sure it runs through all your hair before rinsing with cold water. Alternately, leave it in for 30-9 minutes. It can contribute to making hair shinier and smoother, it also gently removes dandruff and, if used regularly, is good for hair growth.
  • Whilst you are washing your hair, apply shampoo and spend 10-15 minutes to massage your head. This relaxes the follicles that grow hair (just as brushing your hair gently does) and can also improve hair growth and speed it up. You can also do this when your hair is dry, once or twice a day, which will help grow your hair. I like doing this whilst listening to music or watching TV as it takes no time and little effort and does actually work - pay attention to the results!

 Have an amazing day everyone!

2 Besties Blogging xx (Becca)

Motivation: Fitness and Healthy Eating

Hello lovelies!

Since my little fitness obsession last year, I have been trying to get out and exercise as much as possible! You have no idea how good it makes you feel and how easy it is to lift your spirits with just half an hour of outdoor time, burning some calories. I'm sure many of you have a particular sport or hobby you love to do, as I do, but trying something new is super fun and can be great fun, especially with a few friends. When I say I love to work out, some people instantly envision long jogs, sweat, messy buns, tight leggings and ugly jumpers. Really, working out can vary however you want it to and incorporate things you feel challenged by or just simply love doing - if you do a sport like gymnastics, practice a few skills or simply set up a little obstacle course to improve balance or coordination. It really is up to you, just spend some time outside and be surprised by the fun you will have!

Today I thought I would give you all a few ideas for motivation towards fitness and healthy eating, as this is a very important topic and I feel like a post like this could really boost your feelings! Please comment below on your opinions, that would be amazing:) Love you guys!

Having a daily workout is a great way to improve fitness, stamina or flexibility - it just depends what you want to work on and see improvement in. Lengthening the time you are exercising for and setting achievable goals are also great ideas to push you and motivate you to work hard and reach your targets. Daily workouts are perfect for sports such as gymnastics and dance as you can practice flexibility or skills that you might be working for - below is my personal gymnastics-flexibility workout that I do as often as I can.

30 second left leg lunge
30 left right leg lunge
20 second straddle
20 second box lunge (each leg)
20 second half split right leg
20 second half split left leg
10 x high kicks left leg
10 x high kicks right leg
30 second right leg split hold
30 second left leg spit hold
30 second middle/box split hold
5 x bridges
5 x back walkovers
5 x front walkovers

This is a simply split stretch workout, but of course there are hundreds of helpful videos and training targets you can use online for any type of workout! YouTubers such as Niomi Smart, TheCheernastics2, FitnessBlender and Heidi Somers are all fitness inspirations! Below are a few workout videos you can use at any time of day and at home:

TheCheernastics2 are three super-flexible gymnasts and cheerleaders who post workouts, routines and skits on their channel - a favourite of mine is their Gymnastics Obstacle Course video which guides you through an obstacle course and activities that you can do and how to get fitter! It is amazing and will make you feel really fit after completing. Gymnastics Obstacle Course
Erica Lin is another flexibility inspiration - her social media is crazy! Split tutorials, stretching videos and routines are her most liked video on her cheer and dance-orientated channel, and if you are hoping to get a specific skill such as your needle or splits, her tutorials guide you through all the skills you need, as well as several motivational tips and pictures. Watch her Middle Split in 1 day Tutorial here.
Finally, PsycheTruth is a stretching and fitness channel specialising in split stretches for flexibility. Their videos are long and detailed, ranging from only a quick workout to almost an hour in long, so meeting the needs and capability of any level. Also, you can work out alongside the pros so you are definite you are doing everything right - this is super useful and helps you keep motivated and focused. A favourite of mine is the Gymnastics Stretches and Follow Along Workout Routine.

Bored whilst running? Workout Music TV upload long videos with motivational workout music for running, cardio, working out, swimming and most sports - their channel is filled with videos perfect for sport! I'm loving this 1 hour motivational music playlist which you can listen to here.
Danny Maman's Sprint Workout video is great for burning fat, staying slim and fit and
improving your stamina, sprint and overall running. I love watching this and working out for ten or twenty minutes and then feeling great afterwards. Practise your sprinting here!

Other YouTube channels offer hundreds of cardio fitness courses, workouts, training sessions and tutorials that will help you in whichever area you decide on. A few I could recommend for fitness and working out in general are listed below. Remember, you won't improve straight away - stick with it for a few weeks to see a huge improvement and really progress and excel in your chosen sport or activity.

TheMotivationalMan - motivational music especially for cardio and running.
YST Exercises - exercises, stretches and workouts for cardio and fitness.
Fit and Fun With Coach Meggin - workouts, stretches, skills and coaching tips for gymnastics.
Dance Fitness with Jessica - mainly dance tutorials and workouts.
StrengthRunning - demonstrations, fitness-based Q&As and drills for running.

Music and Playlists
Music is great for running or simply working out - the beat and rhythm gives you something to stay in time with, the lyrics keep you distracted and give you a clear thing to focus on, and its fun. Music can also motivate you and keep you going! I like to listen to upbeat songs that push me to run faster, further and try harder at whatever I'm doing. Of course, YouTube is perfect for this. I know I have created dozens of playlists of my favourite songs then simply plugged in and forgot about everything else for an hour or so whilst jogging or stretching, and the silence is a great motivation point too. Below are 50 top songs that will help you push yourself to the limit, run further, be stronger and generally slay at whatever workout you are doing! Go girl!
Workout Playlist:
1. Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha
2. Jessie J - It's My Party
3. Ellie Goulding - Burn
4. Maroon 5 - Animals
5. Fifth Harmony - Sledgehammer
6. Conor Maynard - Better Than You ft. Rita Ora
7. Ariana Grande - Focus
8. Fifth Harmony - Worth It ft. Kid Ink
9. Meghan Trainor - NO
10. Rihanna - Work ft. Drake
11. Meghan Trainor - Better When I'm Dancin'
12. Fifth Harmony - Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign
13. Ellie Goulding - Something in the Way You Move
14. Little Mix - Hair ft. Sean Paul
15. Nicki Minaj - Super Bass
16. Nicki Minaj - Starships
17. The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face
18. Jason Derulo - Get Ugly
19. Sia - Alive
20. Robin Schulz - Sugar ft. Francesco Yates
21. Jenifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama
22. Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On ft. MO
23. Demi Lovato - Neon Lights
24. Katy Perry - Dark Horse ft. Juicy J
25. Demi Lovato - Confident
26. Drake - One Dance
27. One Direction - Drag Me Down
28. G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself  I
29. Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime
30. Kiesza - Hideaway
31. Todrick Hall - Freaks Like Me
32. Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something I Don't Know
33. John Newman - Come and Get It
34. Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
35. Rita Ora - How We Do
36. Clean Bandit - Stronger
37. Ed Sheeran - Don't
38. LunchMoney Lewis - Bills
39. Major Lazer - Light It Up ft. Nyla and Fuse ODG
40. Zara Larsson - Lush Life
41. Fleur East - Sax
42. Maroon 5 - Sugar
43. Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated
44. Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song
45. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
46. 5 Seconds Of Summer - She's Kinda Hot
47. Jessie J - Domino
48. Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now
49. Katy Perry - Roar
50. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk

These are a mix of recent hits and older songs but I feel like listening to a mix of these will definitely help you (I'd love to know in the comments!). Music is also great for dance, so here are a few dance playlists I have selected from YouTube that are super motivating:

Dance Music Summer 2016
Motivational Songs 2016 Dance Mix
Inspirational Music You Can Dance To (Hits)

Healthy Eating
Healthy eating is almost as important a getting regular exercise; there is no point eating a load of  junk food and hoping to get slim whilst working out the next day. I find that Summer is the perfect time for healthy, lighter eating as the warmer weather means cold drinks and salads. Again, YouTubers are perfect for recipes if you want to transform your diet. You can also just cut out a food or food group and see how this works for you; recently I have given up fizzy drinks and actually find my teeth are feeling a lot healthier and cleaner! You can find plenty of diet and food advice online that will give you nutrient information, calorie counts and diet options, so do a bit of research before you stick to one diet plan.
Firstly, you should always eat breakfast! So many people I know skip breakfast as they have to get up early and go to school, but skipping breakfast means you miss out on the energy and vitamins from the first meal of your day, leaving you hungry until lunch time. If you do get up early and feel too rushed to eat a substantial breakfast, an apple or a healthy, all-fruit cereal bar will provide you with vitamins and energy. Apples are also negative calories which means you don't gain any body weight from them because your body uses up more calories digested them as it takes in when you eat the apple.
Water is probably the best thing you can do for your body. Simply drinking a few glasses a day can keep your body temperature normal and regulated, your skin glowing and soft and also hydrate your body. The recommended amount of water you should be drinking every day is around 8 glasses, but if you don't think you can manage this, infused water is the way to go - below are 3 easy infused water recipes that cost under £3 to make, are sugar-free and taste amazing!
1: Lemon and Mint
Slice a lemon and place the slices into water. Add a few leaves of mint (8-10 for a large jug) and mix with a spoon. Leave to infuse water before drinking. To sweeten, add one spoonful of sugar f you feel it s necessary. Drink up!
2: Berry Burst
Cut 8 strawberries into small chunks and place them in your water. Add a small handful of blueberries and 5 raspberries (whole). Mix and then enjoy!
3: Cooling Cucumber
Perfect for warmer weather, slice around a third of a cucumber into water and mix with ice. Enjoy a refreshing, low-sugar and fat drink!

These are all good substitutes for fizzy drinks or high-fat drinks - plus they are gorgeously Tumblr and can actually burn fat! If you are having trouble with dieting or eating healthily, just remember, the way to go is bit by bit. Don't ever completely stop eating - this is honestly so SO bad for you and might mean you develop an eating disorder. Instead, cut out high-fat foods that aren't doing your body any good and if you still feel overweight or unhealthy, keep doing it and push yourself to make healthy choices. Baking is a great way to develop your own recipes that might incorporate healthy ingredients, such as honey instead of sugar.

If you are interested in fitness nad healthy eating, stay tuned for some more posts featuring my favourite recipes and some more motivation plus my daily workout routine in full! Thank you so much for reading everyone, I love you all!:)

Besties Blogging xx (Becca)


Monday, 6 June 2016

My Youtube Favourites!

Hey beauties!
Trying to stick with the classy theme of favourites, I've decided to do a YouTube favourites for you guys! If you're on a mobile phone, this post might not work for you, so just bear that in mind:)

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please comment in the comment section below any of your favourite YouTube videos and any post suggestions that we could do.
Besties Blogging xx
Sophie xxx