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Saturday, 23 January 2016

*FREE GIVEAWAY* 12 Amazing Advertsing Social Media Accounts

Hey peeps!
This is a FREE giveaway post that we are writing to help any future bloggers reading this increase their blog traffic ten or twenty-fold. We really hope you enjoy this post! It helped us tremendously in getting a large amount of page views in only a few hours, and we hope to help you too. Here are the top 12 social media accounts you NEED if you want to be a successful blogger:
1. Twitter. Twitter is full of users - millions of people seeing your update on Twitter means a possible millions of people visiting your site. To increase your following on Twitter, use common hashtags when you post, meaning more people see it and have the choice to visit your blog.
2. Facebook. Everyone knows and loves Facebook. Just post a link to your blog and watch the traffic increase.
3. Instagram - a top photo social media account, you need to post high-quality photos from your blog with links to get anything from Instagram. Again, use popular hashtags wherever you can.
4. Pinterest. Pinterest is amazing; post pictures and gain a huge following before giving away pictures from your blog with a link. Pinterest can often generate large amounts of traffic to your website/blog overnight.
5. Tumblr. If you want a picture-blog, Tumblr is probably the best one to get - you can include short posts as well and the site has millions of people that might be interested in your blog and click on a link, gaining you more and more page views.
6. Reddit. I like Reddit, as if you are lucky enough to have a large following on the site, you can gain surprising amounts of traffic. But careful - it is scarily easy to be banned! This is really a social bookmarking site (as is and Squidoo and Delicious!)
7. Goodreads is a website that allows you to add books to your shelves and rate them. After doing some of that, you are able to upgrade to an author account and can link to any blogs or eBooks very easily. Goodreads has over two million users and is very popular.
8. I strongly recommend using Delicious - it allows you, like Reddit, to post links and small text posts and gain followers. However, I find Delicious is quite time-consuming and use it on my phone briefly each day - I wouldn't use it for more than five minutes daily to prevent wasting my time.
9. is another similar one to Delicious, but I don't like the site format and the difficult of logging/signing in. Can generate lots of traffic if used properly, though.
10. Squidoo is a medium-popularity site that you post lenses on and gain likes/followers for dong that. You can, if your account is supported by lots of followers and you are a regular, potentially earn money using Squidoo - but careful, it again takes a lot of time!
11. Hubpages is similar to Squidoo, and I personally prefer it as it is easier to use and post on that Squidoo is. Allows you to post Hubs and are also able to link to websites or blogs which can be very useful for site owners. Can generate huge amounts of traffic if you have a big following and are reasonably popular (though make sure to link all the time on Hubpages).
12. LinkedIn is very easy to get traffic from, and has a huge amount of users currently onsite (as in, millions and millions). I don't use LinkedIn but have heard great reviews from pretty much all bloggers or advertisers who recommend LinkedIn.
These social media/bookmarking sites are really, REALLY useful for making your fame in blogging - I recommend Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Hubpages the most as they will all bring in big amounts of traffic (use Google Analytics to control the flow and study the traffic.
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