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Saturday, 23 January 2016

How To Build Your Confidence

Hey peeps!
We are back! Today we would like to chat about confidence, as its a hugely important thing.
Confidence is a key aspect in life. You need to be able to be confident in yourself and realise that actually, you're a great person. Here is a crash course in becoming super confident in a good way:
1. Fill your life with happy thoughts. If you are happy and content, you will look happy and more people will like you, thus making you feel a whole lot more popular and confident.
2. Chuck out those who diss you and make you feel bad. You are a nice, valuable person and should spend time with other nice people, not those who treat you like dirt. Instead, fill your life with your friends and family who love you and respect you. Instantly you should feel more confident.
3. Step out of your comfort zone. Do things that make you scared, because they make you scared. Try new things and dare yourself to be brave. Once you have conquered a fear you will feel more self-confident and be ready to try new things.
4. Speak in public and be brave. Be steady. Make your voice loud and project it. Make yourself heard. If you act cool and collected and confident people will realise you are confident and will respect you.
5. Smile more often and act more confident. Believe in yourself and realise you can do whatever you chose. You are AMAZING. Believe it.
We hope you enjoyed this post and that you took something from it. You should be confident because you are an amazing person and deserve to be confident.
Love you all! Please comment if you liked reading this!
Besties Blogging xoxo