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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Make-up starter kit

Hey peeps!
I imagine most people reading this blog that are interested in the sorts of things we post about will be into make-up or, just getting into make-up! I wanted to show you a collection of some of my favourite drugstore products. This isn't planned to be under a budget, but not high-end Mac or Urban Decay!
1. Concealer is a must-have for all make-up kits! I've heard amazing things about the Rimmel Wake me up concealer. I don't own it myself, but have tried it from my friends. Also, the collection Lasting Perfection concealer is massively popular on YouTube!
2. I love the Collection Naturally Matt foundation. It's super affordable and does a great job, unless you get flaky skin when it gets dry, like me.
3. Blusher is an absolute must-have! I think cream blushers are easier to work with, although it is a matter of opinion. I love the Rimmel stay matte cream blush, which matches their stay matte mouse foundation.
4. Next is powder! I just use the MUA one, which isn't the best, but because my skin is dry I don't really use powder!
5. For eyeshadow, I love the MUA palettes. My favourite is the 5th anniversary palette! Revolution palettes are also great, coming in a wide rnage of colours and prices- but they're all super cheap!
This is a basic starter kit, for those of you just starting out! If relevant to you, I hope this helped!
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