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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mt study routine

Hey peeps!

Neither Becca or I have uploaded at all today, so I though I could make a post on my study routine! I have a math test, English test, Spanish test, Physics test and many more tests coming up! As well as sharing my routine with you, I'll also share some tips. To see more tips, I've written a post titles 'Random Study Tips' or something like that. I hope you find the following content useful...
1. Jump into some comfy clothes! I'm wearing under armour (sports gear- like yoga pants!) and a pyjama top. They just make everything more comfortable. Also, fluffy socks are a must have!
2. Find a comfy place to study. Mine switch between my desk, my bean-bag zone (in my room) and my lounge. Desks are the best for written study, but if reading or typing on your laptop, sofas and cushions work fine.
3. Make a list. Make a list of all the things you need to cover, so you don't forget anything. Also, if you get a chance in the lesson, ask your teachers for a list! Make sure to put coloured dots beside each point to determine if they're important, easy or hard.
4. Get out the ESSENTIALS. Exaggeration on ESSENTIALS! I like to have my: iPad, laptop, pencil case, school-book and notebook. A snack won't hurt either! Grapes, I find, are good study fuel! Make sure your phone is away, preferably in a different room.
5. Work through your list. You want to work through the list at a steady pace, not rushing or going too slow. Make sure to spend extra time on the topics you struggle with. Do about 15 minutes at a time, or a topic at a time. Make sure to have about a 5 minute break in between each one.
6. Use grammarly! If you have to write any papers, check them all on grammarly because it'll catch more mistakes than your regular Microsoft Word or Pages!
7. Reward yourself with a chocolate bar or cupcake! You've done a good job. A relaxing bath works a treat after studying!
Thanks for readinh, hope you enjoyed!
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