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Friday, 29 January 2016

What this blog means to us!

Hey peeps!
I've noticed that at least every 2 days we upload a post encouraging more views! It shows how desperate we are, but there is a reason for it. We want to share our love of make-up, fashion and hair with you. We also plan to give you life-hacks, advice, opinions, reviews. We really care about this blog- seriously. This post won't be a nag for more views, but a request. We request that you enjoy our posts. It's amazing to get that thrill when you look at the stats and see nearly 400 views- we're nearly there. The thing is, the annoying posts we keep uploading about more views aren't the ones that will make this blog successful. The ones that motivate you, inspire you, make you laugh, make you smile- they count. We want to make you happy with our blog, that's the ultimate aim. Obviously, collecting a wide range of views is important to us. We will still strive to get more views. We simply wanted to let you know with this post what our blog really means to us. We hope you find it interesting.

A blog is like a diary. You can record happenings, emotions, opinions. Because Secret Girl doesn't show her identity, she can upload personal things more freely. Rebecca has chosen to show her identity, allowing her to get credit and the full experience from blogging. There isn't a definition of a good blogger. What makes a good blogger in your opinion? Secret Girl: 'I like a blogger who uploads inspirational essay-style posts. I find them uplifting and powerful. I also love a blogger with a great sense of humour, who makes you literally lol! Tyler Oakley is my ultimate blogger, more like vlogger!' We think our blog has a reasonable balance- we upload the serious posts like this one, and the one Secret Girl did on risk taking. It's one of her favourite posts. Make sure to check it out! We also like to do fun posts. For example, the one Rebecca did on social media. This one was aimed to support new bloggers and help you out! We also use our blog to help you guys out. By welcoming guest posting, comments and for us to happily view your site, we help it welcomes you to our blog!

Blogging with friends is so much more fun. Although it's oppasite to the message of this blog, blogging with friends certainly help direct traffic to your blog. However, it's also double the fun! Sharing your hobby with other people is such a great experience!

We hope this encourages you to start your own blog. If it does, leave a link below- we'd be happy to check  it out and promote it on our site!

2 Besties Blogging xoxo
(This post was written by secret girl xxx)