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Saturday, 30 January 2016


Hey peeps!
Controverting with one of our previous posts, titles what this blog means to us, we're thrilled to have 400 views!!!!! Just 100 to go before that amazing post. Comment below questions for Q&As, suggestions- we'll be covering a lot of fun things in the post! Let's keep it up and work for 500! Thank you all. If you're reading from America, heyyy! If you're in Mexico, wow! Germany, hiya! England, it's cold isn't it? Thank you all for reading! We're seriously to happy to be on nearly 500 views! Let's keep trying after 500, for 750, then 1000!!! When we get 1000- there'll be serious celebration!!!
Here are some targets for the end of each month:
January: 500 (end of today!!!)
February: 700
March: 1000 (YAY!)
April: 1200
May: 1500 (Secret Girl's birthday!)
June: 1700
July: 2000 (A big one!)
August: 2200
September: 2500
October: 3000 (Rebecca's birthday!)
November: 3200
December: 3500
Thank you all for reading, and please help us to achieve our targets,
Besties Blogging xoxo