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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

10 AMAZING Superdrug foundations

Hey peeps!
I'm currently watching Dance Moms, eating carrot and humus and browsing on Superdrug. I wanted to make a random list for you full of foundations I think are great! Some I own, some I don't. All of these products are currently available on Superdrug's site. Each thing underlined purple is a link to the product.
  1. A healthy serum mix foundation, Bourjois. So many people, especially with sensitive or young skin, avoid foundation because rumour has it that foundation is terrible for your skin. This solves the problem, and still has plenty of coverage.
  2. A matte mouse foundation, Maybelline. Maybelline isn't the only brand to do one of these, but this one has a particularly good amount of coverage. There are downsides to this foundation. For example, if you have oily skin it would be more prone to sliding off. Also, it will strip moisture from your skin, which is really bad if you're prone to dry patches on your skin like me. However, it gives full coverage, is easy to apply and is super long lasting. I'd recommend it for evening parties.
  3. Wake me up, Rimmel. What would foundations be without Rimmel. This one, Wake me up, is a particular favourite. It applies smoothly, especially when you buff it in with a beauty blender. All Rimmel foundations are amazing! A great thing about Rimmel foundations is that they have a range of shades. Many drugstore foundations consist of only 3 shades- light, medium and dark.
  4. True match foundation, L'Oreal. This foundation also comes in a good range of shades, and has light coverage. It's a fairly silky and liquidy. I find it works best with a flat foundation brush, to stroke and pat in.
  5. All day flawless 3 in 1 foundation, Max Factor. This foundation is super good for your skin- it's a primer, foundation and concealer. Money saver! This is a really cool product- I think it deserves more praise and publicity that it's getting!
  6. Garnier BB cream. I use this product most days on my skin, because I don't usually feel like heavily applying foundation to my skin first thing in the morning, knowing it'll be on my skin all day- eww. Instead, I go for a lighter option of a BB cream (usually this one) and use foundation at weekends, when I have more time and flexibility for my make-up.
  7. Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation. This is in the top rankings on the superdrug website- so it must be good!
  8. MUA foundation. I love MUA- most products are £1-£5, so they're really cheap! I love their liquid concealer, at only £1.50!
  9. Rimmel's lasting finish. I'm probably the only person who hasn't actually tried this out, and am desperate to! I've heard so many good things about this foundation! Let us know in the comments if you've tried it yourself.
  10. B flawless complete coverage foundation, by B.. This foundation is another one I haven't tried, but many of my friends have. It's been proven a popular foundation, although not major like the Rimmel ones. I recken the chances are it's pretty good. Why not try it out? If you have tried it and liked it, let us know your reiview in the comments below, and if we like it we'll instert it HERE. Obviously, we'll leave the link to your blog/site to ensure you get more views from it!
Thanks for reading,
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Secret Girl xxx