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Monday, 1 February 2016

5 Social Media Hacks To Getting a Huge Following

Hey peeps!
I decided a fun post like this might encourage more of you to join social media groups and start promoting your blog or business, which you will see a significant increase in blog views if you follow these tips. It can also be used for an account but I recommend only using all of these daily if you are selling or marketing. Happy reading!
Following people is vital if you are aiming for a high following. On most social media sites it takes about a second to follow someone, so if you can follow 50-60 people in a minute, you can follow over 250 people in five minutes. Do this daily with people also blogging or interested in/about your niche and hobbies and you might get quite a following. If you follow 100 people and half follow you back = 50 followers. If you follow 2000 people in a week and 20% follow you back, that's 400 followers. If this continues over the course of a year you have a potential 20,800 followers plus. And if only 10% of those 20,800 followers look at your blog or click one of your links, that's 2,800 people. That can boost your sales and page views by a whole lot, and it will be no time before your traffic has increased five or ten fold just because you took five minutes each day to follow some people who have the same interests as you.
Post Regularly
Although it can be tempting, don't post every three seconds or some of your most valuable posts and links might be lost in the realms of your timeline/page. Instead, post 2-3 times a day, keeping your updates short and to-the-point. This means more people will feel like reading it because it isn't ten pages long and it is also more useful to them as they are instantly able to see the link and drive more and more traffic to your blog.
On the topic of posting, if you have a blog that contains images, post them too! Images are often a great way to drive traffic to your blog quickly and easily - Pinterest and Tumblr are good for marketing pictures and can be voted up or down to determine how many people see the pic. Keep pinning/posting pictures and more people will see them, meaning you get more traffic and potential customers. People are much more likely to follow and like you if you post regularly and often but not too often; don't seem over-eager!
Sharing is another super-important thing you should do in order to be noticed online. See a cute post relating to your interests or niche, click on the link and share! If you do this a lot and aren't getting traffic or credit, try emailing them or commenting on that person's blog to see if they share your posts. If they are huge like Tanya Burr or Zoella and have massive followings, your post/site could reach a few million views from just contacting someone and sharing a post. Do it daily to really see a rise in followers. Share people's posts regularly and they may well share and follow you back!
Be Popular
Being popular is essential in having a large following. You want to include loads of tags on your post whenever you update so your feed is shown to more and more people. Adding tags adds interest and follows; you could also share your link with people on social sites and watch the number increase daily! However, say you like bird watching and have a birding blog, less people will read your blog as it isn't as popular. Always include popular tags such as hairstyles, beauty, makeup and fashion - these will get you a ton of follows!
You should get into the habit of messaging your followers or friends to make sure they interact and visit/buy things as much as possible. Don't spam them with thousands of links per message - instead, send them a nice message and be super-friendly with a link to your site at the bottom. They won't (probably) ignore you and will be more inclined to visit your blog/site and follow your account as well as hit the share button. It works in many ways.
Hope you liked my post! Please share this post and blog on as many social media sites as possible, that would be amazing. Anyone who does share or follow us will be mentioned at the top and bottom of our next post and will have their link displayed on our sidebar for 5 days, meaning you get loads of traffic too! Thank you for reading and supporting us. Kisses!
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