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Sunday, 21 February 2016

5 ways amaing to direct blog traffic to your site for no cost!

Hey peeps!
Today I want to give you 10 ways to direct blog traffic to your blog, which Girl Behind the Screen and I (Secret Girl) will do our best to help with. These are all related to this blog, and we hope you find them useful!
  1. Leave comments on our site (which gets lots of of views!) with the link to your site. You can simply leave the link, but for more people to show interest in you, leave a valuable comment. People will begin to trust your opinion, understand you're a nice interesting person, know you have a knack for writing and will then want to view your blog! Don't bring too much attention to your blog, just leave it by your name. The worst thing that could happen is people this you're doing it all to advertise (which you are!) but they don't need to know that!
  2. Write amazing guest posts for our site. You could do this for any site, but 19 out of 20 posts will be accepted on our site. We're very keen to promote guest posting on this site because we love hearing what our readers find interesting. Not only will all our viewers that want to and liked your post view your site, but it helps us come up with better posts for you because we know your interests. If you'd like to try guest posting, fill in this form. It's completely free, with no catch!
  3. Fill in this 'lucky reader' form, which Girl Behind the Screen have created, where we pick a random person who filled in the form. Then we view their site/blog, and write a review for our blog including all the things we liked about it. You're welcome to fill in the form here: It only asks: the name you'd like to be displayed as (e.g. Secret Girl or Rebecca Hammett), the link to your site and a few questions about the content of our post about your site. This is a great way to advertise your blog because it's free, and only takes about 5 minutes to do. Because not many of our viewers actually do this kind of thing (lol), chances are you'll win!
  4. Write good quality posts. When we started blogging, we were uploading about 1 in 10 good posts, and the 9 were all 'thank yous' or trying to boost our views. They did work, and we did get more views, but no-one was coming back! We realised that if people are going to view our site, we want them to have loads of good quality posts- like a good book. This way, people come back. If you agree that our posts have improved, and you've been with us since the start, we'd love to hear more about your opinion on our blog. You can comment below, email us at or fill in this form specially created for feedback: It is so easy to do, and is actually quite fun! I timed myself completing it, and it took me 2 minutes and 17 seconds. All it asks you is: how regularly you visit our blog, how you discovered our blog, what your favourite post is, which pages on our site you've seen, if you'd like to leave the link to your site (so we can post about it if we like it), which type of posts you'd like to see more of, if you have any suggestions, if you have any feedback, are you interested in guest posting, how many of our personal blogs you've seen, how much you enjoy reading our blog (on a scale of 1-10), any improvement ideas and how likely you'd be to recommend our site to a friend. Obviously, there are lots of questions, but most of them are irrelevant to some people. For example, guest posting, personal sites and improvement ideas. In the time it's taken you to read up to here, you could have completed the form about 5 times!
  5. Spread the word! I'd make sure to tell lots of friends with different friendship circles about your blog. By telling 10 people with different friendship circles, saying they all have 10 friends in their group, 100 people are all viewing your site! Also, if they're your friends they must have similar interests to you- so they'll be interested in the topic of your blog. 
I hope this helped! Make sure to fill in the forms- spare only 5-10 minutes to finish them all, to gain possibly 500 views or something!
Thanks for reading,
Secret Girl xxx