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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Creating A Study Planner You Can Stick To

Hey peeps!
Today I will be blogging about studying and how to create an amazing study planner that you will be able to stick to. This will cover planners for all ages and budgets so don't worry if you feel like you are not being targeted by the heading of the post - you most certainly are! I hope you really enjoy this useful post as much as I enjoyed planning and writing it. Happy reading!
OK, firstly you NEED a good notebook or diary you can use to record your study timetable and all other notes that are important for class and study. Most of my favourite planners/diaries/notebooks are sold at Paperchase and the ever-growing Blott if you are interested in buying a new one primarily for this purpose. You can also get less expensive jotters and notebooks at the 99p store and Wilko.
After you have chosen a notebook you will use for the entire year/term/period, you need to find your study timetable page and copy your personal timetable into it. In my homework planner I have a page at the back where I have pinned my timetable and I have coloured each period in if I need to take a book to the lesson and shaded the others in grey so I can keep track of which periods are when and which books I will need daily. It is a great way of recording what you will need for the day ahead and looks pretty cute too - I used three shades of pink and purple to mark out each period (pink for Science and Maths, darker pink for English, light purple for History, medium for Spanish and French, and dark purple for Geography and Art). I also use different colours, blue and green, for homework or assignments that are due in for each period.
Other things you want to do immediately after buying your notebook are things like writing out any dates you should record, homework that is due in and any homework you were assigned before. This will allow you to concentrate on homework and if you use bright colours, such as pink or highlighter yellow/green, which will stand out on the page and catch the eye. I do this ALL the time and use my set of 5 highlighters for recording homework and honestly, it actually works.
Colour coding is super-fun and helps you decide which assignments to do when - say you use pink for Maths, yellow for Science, green for English and so forth, then your homework will be easier to sort and you can see which things you have and haven't done ahead of their due date.
This next tip is slightly personal - I advise purchasing a set of stickers, such as crosses and ticks, to control which assignments you have done. I find having little pink or green ticks on my work/planner makes everything so much easier to tackle and complete.
After doing all this, I would probably put it on my desk open at the week it's currently on so I can easily find what I'm looking for without skimming through the whole book first, which I'm sure you'll agree is completely irritating and unnecessary.
Hope you enjoyed this post! If you could share this with a few friends or family members, that would be amazing - we'd love to spread the news! Thanks:)
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