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Friday, 19 February 2016

*FREE GIVEAWAY* All you need to do it is email!

Hey peeps!
We're really looking forward to connecting with our readers and supporting their sites/blogs! If you head to the contact page, details on how to submit entries are written. You can either comment below or email- we check each regularly! To see our regular competitions, make sure to check our competition page, which we update weekly! Here are the upcoming competitions:
  • To win a card from us, sent to you, email us with your name, address (don't worry- we'll bin it once we've sent the card!) and no more than 100 words saying why you love our blog! Make sure to leave a link to your blog, so we can check it out and do what we can to boost the views! The deadline for this is the 26th, and the prize will be sent on the 27th! In the card, you will have some of our top advice for your blog (it's so good we aren't posting it online) and a personalised message just for you. We promise not to post anything personal about you online, other than your name (which could be a user-name, like our secret girl and girl behind the screen) and the link to your site, to boost your views!
As long as we get enough emails, we'll do this weekly for you, each card with a different, handwritten, special message! The winner will be picked at random, but if an email especially interests us, we'll do an extra card for them! The cards might be hand-made, or might be shop-bought! Wait and see...

Email us at - thanks!
Just to let you know, we've now made the cards (we made 5), but Girl Behind the Screens hasn't written her message yet! If you do get selected, we'd like to know which card you'd prefer. We have a choice of a: brown horse, pink girly FABULOUS design, pink girly I <3 U design, white doll (our favourite!) design and pink, purple, orange and white pattern. We'll decide this with first come first served!

Thanks, and enjoy our competitions!
Besties blogging xoxo