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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Half Term with Secret Girl- Saturday

Hey peeps!
I had such a great time making my series titled 'Half Term with Secret Girl' that I decided to carry them on this weekend, instead of my Secret Girl's Weekend outfits! This weekend is super exciting because my sister had a birthday party today and tomorrow she's having a special birthday family day, in London Zoo! Happy Birthday to Secret Sister for Monday! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Secret Sister! Happy birthday to you! You might also notice my blogs are slightly shorter on a Saturday, because I try to post on this blog, my second blog, and my main blog all on Saturday! (Click on the underlined purple blog names to take you there!) If you notice any mistakes in this post, apologies. It's probably because I'm doing it 5 minutes at a time, with 5 minutes on homework in between! Anyway, after that super long intro I'm ready to get on with the post!
I wore a cropped tank top, with horizontal black, white and royal blue stripes. I paired this with high-wasted jeans, making me look super tall, and a black kimono.
I twisted a French plait across my fringe and forehead, leaving the remaining hair down and straightened.
I wore a pink glittery lip gloss (which is my favourite of all time!) from Seventeen, in Moonshine Violet Glitter Rainbow. I didn't wear any face make-up, because my skin is dry, flaky and gross today- I just applied extra moisturiser and a BB cream, if that counts as make-up. I used my Claire's (don't judge- cheap mascaras can surprise you!) mascara, a shimmery rose-gold cream eyeshadow from Avon in Pink Lemonade and winged eye-liner. I don't usually wear eye-liner, but I thought a party was a great excuse to give it a go!
It was my sister's birthday party today. It was in Gallone's ice cream parlour, in a small arcade located in Bedford. She had a great time, and I'd certainly recommend it from other 8/9 year olds! For a fun twist, she suggested her friends arrive in PJs and onesies, which were a lot of fun. My friend and I had a great time sampling ice-cream, eating sweets and... What was it? Oh yeah, eating more sweets!

Thanks for reading,
If you'd like me to do a similar series next holiday (Easter) I'd be happy to! These kind of posts will be delivered every Sunday, for my weekend outfits! On my main blog (click here to see) I'll be posting a weekend/holiday morning routine next. Afterwards, I'll make a post on my second blog (which I haven't posted on in months) with a Friday night evening spa routine! If you're reading on the 20th of February, at about 6:00, I probably haven't uploaded it yet! They'll both be up by 9:00pm!
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