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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Spa routine- confidence, outfits, bikinis, parties!

Hey peeps!
Last night, my friend hosted a party at The Swan Hotel (fancy!) and we all indulged in a lovely facial, afternoon tea and hour in the pool. It's up there with all of the top parties I've been to! I wanted to share with you my confidence tips, outfits and summary of what happened. Enjoy!

After school, we all wandered down to the car, with our sport kits, school bags, sleepover bags and coats. We jumped in, birthday girl in the front, three people squished in the middle seats and 3 piled in the boot. After about 10 minutes driving around, we finally arrived at the hotel, greeted with dainty plates of china and mini sandwiches. After selecting hot chocolate or tea, we all began eating and giggling over practically anything! Birthday Girl opened all her presents and loved them all! I got the Zoella perfume (let's spritz) and two bracelets- one baby pink and one grey. Then, we began our sandwiches- which were amazing! When the waitors bought out our cakes (4 different types each- all mini and delicious!), we immediately scoffed each and everyone. Red velvet, scones, bake-well tarts and cookies! Once we had finally finished, we got into pairs. I went with a friend who I'll call A (and no- her name isn't Amy, Alice or Abigail!). A and I went into the pool with O, K, R and M, alongside A and myself! I quickly got into my new bikini, which I literally love to the moon and back! The pool was so nice and warm! Later, me and A headed into the spa room...

We entered a dimly lit room, and lied down on beds in separate rooms, but with no curtain or wall separating them. As this was my first ever spa experience, I wasn't sure how to act- should I talk to the beautician or just close my eyes and relax. I think I made a pretty good choice, by starting with small talk (like: Wow- all my friends are really loud!- they were, we could hear them in the pool!) until I settled and relaxed more. She applied a bubbly cleanser to m face, followed by an exfoliator, with the consistency of a paste. Then, she toned my skin. To last for the next 15 minutes, she applied a face mask. Then, she moisturised. Whilst the whole process was happening, with soothing music, lighting and massaging, I was thinking through this blog post (which I often find myself doing when I'm relaxing) and thougroughly just feeling happy!

For my outfit, I wore a white top with a scallop hem-line and floral cut-outs, a floral grey-scale kimono and black jeans. During the treatment, I was wearing my bikini!

After the main party, we headed back to Birthday Girl's house for a sleepover! It consisted of dancing, screaming and hysterical laughing! It was seriously a GREAT party!

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