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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kindness- what it is and why it matters

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to write to you all about kindness. Yes, it sounds weird but kindness is so important- without kindness where would we be? Kindness is all about putting others before yourself even it isn't what you want. Perhaps you got the last biscuit, and your friend wouldn't have anything. You have 2 choices: Give the biscuit to your friend, or keep it for yourself. By giving up the biscuit for your friend, you're showing an act of kindness. A small act for you, but it could be the highlight of someone else's day. My friend and I were looking for somewhere to sit in lunch a few days ago, and there were plenty seats free. One girl was sat alone with a table just to herself. My friend and I saved her from the embarrassment by sitting beside her. We sat with her today, yesterday and the days before. You can show an act of kindness, possibly giving up something of yours for another person, and gain something from it yourself. Me and my friend made a new friend! That's what kindness is all about.
When was the last time you did something kind? For me, it was today when I complemented a friend on her ring. It was a simple act of kindness, and I wasn't suffering from it, but it must have given her a boost of confidence. Sometimes, kindness doesn't need to be a live or death situation. You could just complement someone, hug them, laugh at their jokes- even if you don't find them funny. Obviously, you shouldn't lie to be kind. Lying is rude- although the odd white lie wont hurt! The thing is, by lying you're not telling the truth- one lie leads to another and it will go against you some day!
Imagine that everytime you are kind, you've made someone happy. Being kind is such a simple action. You might perform numerous acts of kindness per day, all to different people. That means that you've made about 10 people super happy, in about ten minutes! Today, I can count about 8 acts of kindness I've made today. How many have you made?
Sometimes, kindness takes more than just a gesture. Maybe you need to give up your time in order to buy a gift, write a card, send a text, call a friend. But, over all it's worth it. My gran loves when I call her- I don't do it very much but when I do, I know it makes her day. I text a certain aunt all the time, and I know she loves it. It makes me cheered when she replies.
Think about the kind things people do for you. You might be kind, and think: Urgh, I wish I still had my biscuit! Think about all the kind things people do to you. Perhaps they let you join their group in a group assignment. Maybe, they hugged you when you were sad. They might have given up their cookie for you! Try to be grateful. My mum is so kind to me daily. She cooks me tea, helps me do my homework, wakes me up in the morning, even packs my dance kit for me sometimes! My dad is kind too. He: Gives me great advice, supports my interests (dance and designing), makes me laugh, teaches me specific skills (sketching, baking, even gymnastics!). People do all these wonderful things for us and sometimes we don't even notice!
I hope you now feel happy and I've helped you to realise how much others do for us! This world is full of kind people, so enjoy it!
Thanks for reading,
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Secret Girl xxx