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Friday, 19 February 2016

Milton Keynes mini haul!!!

Hey peeps!
today I have what I would call a major haul, but for most would count as mini! I splurged on some nice new clothes, and lush products. I hope this gives you a taste of my fashion sense, and is nice and relaxing for you to watch. This haul also includes a mini haul from yesterday's trip (don't worry, I don't shop too often).
  • In New Look, I purchased a baggy, light-weight knitwear jumper. It's black in the area that would be a tank-top, if there weren't the sleeves. The sleeves are a slightly toned-down grey. At the bottom on each side there's a zip.
  • In Lush, I got the creamy candy bubble bar, the fluffy egg bath bomb (from the easter stock) and the ickle baby bot. The creamy candy bar and fluffy egg bath bomb both smell similar, like marshmallow and sugar- so sickly, in a good way! If you've tried the mmmmelting marshmallow bath oil (in my opinion the only one that smeel great!) it smells similar to that.
  • In H&M I purchased a set of 6 rose gold rings for only £3.99. 2 are infinity designs, to are plain rings and 2 are created with dots, with a bumpy texture. Some are knuckle rings and some are normal.
  • Because I had a £25 River Island voucher, I allowed myself to splurge there! In the end I spent £30 there, which isn't too much over. I got a heavy, baggy cardi- but is a perfect throw on, and will match with most things because it's only got a black and white weaved pattern. Then, I purchased a tank top, with blue, white and black horizontal stripes. I'm really feeling the stripe vibe right now!
  • In lush yesterday I bought the intergalactic bath bomb.
  • In H&M yesterday I bought a set of 3 bracelets (as you can see, H&M is great for jewellery), each with a gold chain, a type of bead and a second thread in a neon colour. one is pink, one blue and one yellow. These are perfect for school because they aren't too bold, and at my school you're only allowed to wear 1 bracelet, but because these are so dainty you get away with 3!
  • In boots, I bought my sister a 'bath pillow'. It's from soap and glory, and basically just inflates, with sticky suck pads on the back so it sticks, giving you a comfortable pillow for your bath.
  • In lush (again), I bought her the intergalactic bath bomb she had asked for, which I couldn't resist getting the next day for myself, as you've already read!
  • In Peacocks (a shop that deserves more 'fame' than it gets- it's great for kids-wear) I bought her some Pjs, which say CAN'T SLEEP, WON'T SLEEP in pink and white glitter on a black top, matching the grey leggings wit black stars.
  • In Wilko, as a random extra, I bought her an eye-mask for sleepoing with because she always steals mine! It's from their varsity stationery collection, and is a vibrant turquoise, with coral flowers and SERIOUSLY written across the front.
I hope you're all desperate to go buy these things now- in a good way! I hope it didn't seem like I was showing off, because I wasn't at all. If you comment below your style, I'll be happy to find the perfect outfit for you through online shopping!
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