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Sunday, 7 February 2016

My gymnastics/dance warm-up routine!

Hey peeps!
Today I'm going to be doing something a little different! I want to share my dance or gymnastics warm-up routine including stretches, getting my heart racing and what I wear. Lots of you probably don't know I'm into dance and gymnastics, mostly dance, and spend loads of time practicing at home! This is how I prepare for dance lessons, gymnastic work-outs and general dancing (or doing gymnastics) with friends. I hope you find this useful, if you're into dance and/or gymnastics, and interesting if not! Enjoy!
  1. I jump into a leotard of choice! Sometimes I put one of my baggy cheerleading tops on top, when I'm feeling un-athletic, just to keep me comfy while I warm up. I pair these with either black gymnastics shorts, or black leggings. My leotard I wore today was a magenta velvet pink, with a holographic lining about 3 inches thick across the top- front and back. It's sleeveless.
  2. I then tie my hair into a bun or French plait, to ensure it's out of the way!
  3. I started my trying to increase my heart rate. Usually I start with a jog to skipping to leaps. I follow with some cheerleading jumps. Usually, I start with tuck, then toe-touch and then pike. When I feel like challenging myself, I do double or even triple pikes!
  4. Still increasing my heart rate, I move on to choreographing tiny dance routines of about 8 counts. For example, step, turn step, hop, pirouette (two) and high kick. They look ridiculous when you do them, but make exercising so much more fun!
  5. At this point, sometimes I mark through my current choreography for dance, depending on what performance I'm preparing for.
  6. Now, I begin to stretch. My favourite stretch of all time is straddle stretch, so I begin with that. I then do some lunges, and floor kicks. That's my legs done! I spend 10-15 minutes on the above!
  7. Next, I work on my abdominal muscles, although you might not consider it stretching. I do a few sit ups (but the dance ones) and hold some positions. I spend 5-10 minutes doing this.
  8. Finally, I do some simple neck, shoulder and arm positions, to stretch them out. For example, to condition my arms I wrap them around my back (one arm downwards, one upwards) and see if I can get them to meet behind my back.
  9. I also attempt all of my splits (always achieving left leg and box splits, sometimes right leg). If I do get them all, I use them in some cheerleading jumps, just for fun. It's great to start with one thing and end it with the same thing, because you can see how you've improved over the course of just 1-2 hours! It's really rewarding!
  10. Here I like to practice my scorpion, needle, back bend and back-bend stand up.
  11. I then do some simple gymnastics, like handstands, cartwheels and front limbo.
  12. Finally, I do my dance or gymnastics routine (either make one up or do one my coach/teacher has given me) to the best of my ability, because I've worked really hard on warming up!
Thanks for reading all that! Do you do gymnastics? If you'd like to see my cool down after a work-out or dance lesson, comment below!
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