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Monday, 29 February 2016

Pitch Perfect 2 Costumes!

Hey peeps!
Although the idea of dressing up for World book day and wearing the outfit to school doesn't thrill me, I'm slightly excited to dress up as a Barden Bella (even though it's a film!), from Pitch Perfect 2, with a group of 7 friends. I hope no one not in on the plan from school sees this- because it's kinda secret! If you're reading from school- don't tell anyone! I'm going as Emily, and the other characters my friends are dressing as are: Fat Amy (lol), Chloe, Becca, Lily, Aubrey and Stacey- Exciting! Because world book day is literally this Thursday, it seemed practical to use items most people have already at home to create the perfect look that you already have at home. The one thing we're all buying are some neckerchiefs (click here to see the exact ones) in yellow and blue, and we'll mix and match. This helps to tie the look together and give it a proper pitch-perfect look, because the rest of the outfit is every-day clothing. I'm just going to show you the main 4 characters, which I think are Emily, Fat Amy, Chloe and Becca, probably if written in importance reverse to how I've written it!
Emily- Black leggings, black jumper with zips down each side (we're going for the black punk theme they use at the end or Pitch perfect 1- I think!), black leather studded hair bow and blue neckerchief.
I honestly have all of these items at home, other than the ncckercheif, and think the outfit might be quite cute! Although it's a rather dull attempt with only grey and black, it will match my friends well. The main point is we're matching!
Fat Amy- Black leggings, white and navy top, stuffed with cushions.
We decided that Fat Amy would dress the same as everyone else, but add a small (or you could say BIG) touch by stuffing her clothes with cushions, so she looks super big and comical!
Chloe- White cami top, black leggings and black leather jacket
This outfit certainly fits the theme we're going for the best. It will look super cute and trendy, so our 'model' feels comfortable, but will still fit the theme perfectly!
Becca- Black jeans (she said she's more comfortable in jeans that leggings!), white shirt for the collared look, leather jacket and headphones around her head so she looks distinguishable as Becca.
I think this one will be great! With our other parts we haven't really done anything so they specifically stand out (other than Fat Amy!), so we think the headphones are great, without the 'model' feeling embarrassed like the Fat Amy 'model' might! Ripped jeans would be ideal, but I don't think they're ripped in competitions!

I hope you found this interesting. I know these kind of posts aren't the best to read, but I hope they help you to learn more about me, my life and the things I love. The first person to leave a comment below telling us who they're going as for world book day will have a shout out in our next post with the link to their blog!
Thanks for reading,
Secret Girl xxx