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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Secret Girl's Weekend Outfits 28th Feb

Hey peeps!
Here again for the third of our weekly chat about my outfits! yesterday I went to Lush in Oxford Street, and today I'm going to visit Girl Behind the Screen. Let's get into the post...
A black and grey dappled jumper, with two zips down the side matched perfectly with my black skater skirt, black tights and black ankle boots- perfect for the LIMO (eeek!) yesterday, because it was comfy, yet trendy.
Straightened and down, with a black beanie hat.
The usual- BB cream, concealer and powder, with a bit of blush so I don't look 2D!
My favourite top- a blue and white striped crop top with tassels, black leggings rolled up to look cute at the bottom. Also I added frilly socks and white nike trainers!
A high pony tail so I can wave it around in circles!
Bear face baby!
Thanks for reading,
Secret Girl xxx