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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Cupcake Picnic Party

Hey beauties!
The summer weather really shone this morning, so what better thing to do than gobble Rebecca's neighbours cupcakes, create infused water in mason jars, and sit in the garden soaking up the gorgeous weather? Exactly, nothing could top that!

So, we decided to garnish our picnic with sea shells, to add a holiday, tumblr vibe. We also decided to add pops of colour with these vibrant napkins!
Rebecca's neighbour kindly dropped off some cupcakes, leftover from a party, so we indulged in these tasty treats. We also enjoyed water, lime juice, ice and basil.
After the food, we changed into fabric clothes, and poured jug, after jug, after jug of water on each other! Alongside the once dry trampoline!

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Besties Blogging xx
Sophie xxx