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Sunday, 26 June 2016

7 Positive Ways To Change Your Life

Hello everyone!

Here are 7 ways you can alter your life and improve self-confidence, esteem, happiness and healthiness! I use these tips a lot and hope you all find them useful as well. Please comment if you have any other suggestions! Thanks:)

1: Drink more water
This is such a commonly used tip and I feel as if everyone reading this will think, "That's what everyone says" but it truly works and is a great skincare hack. Drinking plain water can seem as if it's pointless, but it hydrates you an improves productivity as well as the speed of your reactions. Water is also the perfect thing for clear, glowing skin - drink a few extra glasses a day and see results very quickly! If you are bored with normal water, add a few slices of cucumber or infuse it with several chopped strawberries for the same results.

2: Exercise for shorter periods
This is a slightly strange tip but it is actually great and improves self-esteem. Instead of having a few days a week where you work out for hours, break up this time into a few smaller periods - maybe try to do half an hour per day. This also prevents any stress or aches you have from the prevention of exercising for hours as it can be exhausting and cause an injury. It may also boost your self-esteem because you are doing it more regularly, plus making you happy as exercise and sport releases endorphins that lift your spirits.

3: Substitute unhealthy snacks
Substituting an unhealthy snack, such as a chocolate bar or bag of crisps, for a piece of fruit is such a good way to change your life positively. Firstly, it's healthier, and the slow-release energy of whatever you have exchanged the treat for will keep you going for a lot longer. It will also make you feel a lot better yourself which improves self-esteem. Try this several times a week and be amazed at how good you feel!

4: Listen to motivational, upbeat music 
My taste in music has changed in a short period as the songs I used to listen to would have a big impact on how I thought and viewed life, but as they were quite dark songs, I found that my thinking was quite negative compared to when I listened to upbeat songs for a week. Switch around your playlists and add some dance tracks that are catchy and popular as chances are they will positively impact on your views and emotions. I feel like this is really useful and definitely recommend trying it.

5: Smile in the mirror
It sounds weird, but smiling at your reflection in the mirror can boost confidence and leave you with a smile on your face for more of the day. Smiling also releases endorphins that I talked about above and it just makes you happier. Also, if your friends are down, keep smiling (obviously talk to them as well, don't just stand there smiling) and it should boost their feelings too. Before you leave the house, smile at yourself for a few seconds to marginally improve your day!

6: Call a friend every day
Talking to your friends is a lovely way to boost self-esteem an feel a bit happier. It also strengthens the bond between you and gives you time for a laugh. Go for a walk whilst having a chat or simply FaceTime in your room - why not vary the friends you call daily? Talk to an old friend or have a great time with your best friend, it's your choice.

7: Limit Social Media
I know, I get it, having Instagram and Tumblr and Snapchat is so fun and an easy way to communicate with friends and post adorable pictures, so why limit it? What I mean is trying to get a better quality of sleep by turning off your phone and not using social media after 8:00pm or earlier depending on what time you go to sleep. It relieves stress and improves the time you sleep for, meaning healthy clear skin and less tiredness! Why not give it a try?

Love as always,
Becca, 1 Bestie Blogging xxxx