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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Jasmine and Makuna Bath Set Review

Hello my beauties,

This post will be a review of the Jasmine and Manuka Bath and Body Set from Topshop. I am currently obsessed with it and its gorgeous products and use them every day - the smell is just amazing. I hope you enjoy!

So the box is beautifully designed, with purple, turqouise and black detail - and all the products inside are matching, which pleases me as the design is so cute! The set includes Bath Crystals, a Body Lotion, a Body Spray and a Body Wash, as well as a Body Buffer - perfect.
I actually received this set quite a while ago as a present and am so happy about it; I decided to wait until Summer before opening it up and using the products so I am very glad I did as I feel like the scent is quite light and Summery, almost exactly matching my favourite perfume at the moment.

Out of the four, I think I prefer the Body Lotion as it is really creamy and super-smooth to apply; my skin feels lovelu and refreshed after washing with it! The Body Spray is beautifully scented (they all have relatively the same smell but the body spray is a bit cleaner and fresher I think) and is lovely to apply after a shower or bath, plus it stays on for the duration of a whole day and can't be erased easily. The Body Wash is massive, unlike the Lotion, which is good because it has lasted for about a week already and it still weighs about the same as it did when I first used it, and the sweetness is more obvious than any of the other products (or maybe I'm just weird). Finally, the bath crystals are clear and smell great - they literally scent the whole room which is great - and make the bath water very nice-smelling, so I feel super clean after bathing using them albeit I don't think they will last very long!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely rest of day in the sun:)
Lots of love,
Besties Blogging aka Becca and Sophie xx (Becca)