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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tutorial:Blonde Dip Dye (All Natural)

Hey lovelies!

Today I am writing about natural ways to lighten your hair in any season with five easy tips you can use several times a week for results pretty much after a day. I have been trying to get a natural dip dye recently and have noticed lightening after three days of using salt water spray applied to the designated area of hair so it honestly does work.
Most people like having slightly blonder hair in the warmer months of the year, firstly because it is a popular trend, secondly because lighter dip dye effects look fantastic with the typical Tumblr summer style. So, if you are desperate for a natural-looking lightening effect without using harsh chemicals and bleach on your locks, I have chosen five tips that will help you achieve that super sweet look. Happy reading all!

 Method 1: Lemon Juice and Sunlight
This will take 30-45 minutes depending on the heat, so allow time. Put around 1/4 of a cup lemon juice and the rest parts water into a medium spray bottle and spray it on the hair you want to lighten (alternatively, if you want a natural dip-dye, simply dip the ends in the solution instead of spraying it on). Then sit out in the sun where your hair can be bleached by the sun until the juice dries. Do it again until your hair feels too dry and sticky. It should take about 3-6 tries for this to work, but this old-school method will leave your locks lighter, with perseverance. Wash and condition your hair afterwards to prevent it from staying dry and brittle.

 Method 2: Salt Water
Mix several large pinches of salt with water and then put it in a spray bottle. The solution should be very salty but should not be saturated (all the salt needs to have dissolved). Then spray it onto the hair you want to lighten and wait until the water dries. Again, it will take a few attempts to see results, but the salt's natural lightening qualities will make a difference if you stick to it. You should always use shampoo after putting anything in your hair, so make sure to get rid of any salty lumps that might be hiding away from you!

 Method 3: Cinnamon
Yes, strangely cinnamon can contribute to the lightening of your hair too! This method is quick, easy and takes only a few tries for obvious results to amaze you. Shake a teaspoon of raw cinnamon into a handful of your favourite conditioner (shampoo before) and make sure it is covering all your hair. You can use a wide-toothed comb to help you spread it out evenly amongst your hair. My personal tips for this method are leave the conditioner in for as long as possible (2-3 hours is good) if you don't want to wrap your hair and sleep with it in. Also, make sure to have a higher concentration of conditioner on the roots of your hair as they will need more colouring (if you want to lighten your roots, of course).

 Method 4: Tea
Make a large pot of tea (chamomile tea is preferred but most types will do) and allow it to cool for around 30 minutes. Do not put any milk in as it won't help lighten your hair at all and works in he opposite way. Then rinse your whole head with the mix; tea also has qualities that slowly lighten your hair over time! However, try not to use this method too frequently; I would advise 2-4 times monthly is a perfect balance.

 Method 5: Honey
Using raw honey is obviously going to be quite a sticky task; some think mixing several tablespoons with a few drops of lemon juice and vinegar makes it easier and also promotes lightening. This is your choice - either use 2-3 tablespoons plus 5 drops of both vinegar and lemon juice and then apply this to your hair using a comb or brush (again, try to spread it as evenly as you can, with a slightly higher concentration on the roots at the base of your head) or simply apply raw honey to your hair (the areas you want lightened, leave any others bare or use wraps to avoid the honey spilling/leaking into other areas you don't want to bleach). This is quite messy, so if you don't want to use wraps or a shower cap to cover your hair whilst sleeping, I suggest applying the mixture mid-afternoon and washing your hair before you go to bed to get rid of the stickiness. Always condition hair after using honey, vinegar, salt, lemon juice or any other food products to make sure it doesn't stay in your hair and cause brittleness or dryness.

 Hopefully you will be able to notice results after using a few of these! Of course, another super-natural thing you can do to your hair to lighten it slightly is just spend lots of time outside when the weather is nice because sunlight naturally lightens hair without any chemicals or anything applied to your hair. There are also several chemical-infused things you can buy that include chemicals to bleach your hair as well as proper hair dye (but if you don't want to/can't use hair dye there are plenty of ways around this) so you could try a few and experiment. If your school doesn't allow dip dyes, simply lighten your whole hair - it will still look great and gives you more time to think about what you want to do with your hair when you are older! At the moment, I am using cinnamon in my conditioner around twice a week and also using lemon juice and honey in  my hair to lighten it by a few minor shades for Summer, although I don't want there to be a huge difference in colour between it and my original shade, which is a very light chestnut brown. I am also working on making the ends slightly lighter, like a very natural dip-dye effect.

 Finally, I have compiled a few of my favourite hair hacks ever that you can use to keep your locks super smooth and glowing! They are for all ages and all hair types so at least most should be helpful for you, and I have tried to include a few tips for growing out your hair as well. If you are looking into growing your hair out you can also read my post on how to grow your hair in a month, which includes a spreadsheet with several methods I use all the time that help add length to your 'do. Enjoy!
  • When washing your hair, don't always use shampoo. Conditioner contains chemicals that really makes your hair shine and shampoo's job is to clean your hair and scalp, plus stripping your locks of all vitamins - some of which can make your hair look super shiny! In order to keep your hair looking and smelling good, use shampoo maybe 1-3 times a week but not more than that. If your hair isn't greasy and doesn't need washing so frequently, simply use shampoo only once a week. I do advise using conditioner a bit more though, as it will prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle and tangled. It is also super sweet-smelling!
  • Dry shampoo is a great option for days when your hair isn't looking too great or you just want a bit more volume (different types/brands deal with different jobs such as shine, dandruff, volume and revitalising colour if you have coloured hair). If your dry shampoo isn't really suiting your hair style, look into a different brand. Bastiste make amazing, adorably decorated dry shampoos in a range of styles and sizes so they are perfect for chucking in your school bag. If not, maybe try a more expensive brand and see if it works. I like to carry around a dry shampoo in my bag in case I run out of time and need a quick spray to keep my 'do looking cute!
  • Instead of washing your hair and then rinsing it off with warm or hot water which frazzles hair and gets rid of important vitamins and minerals, use cold water to get rid of any shampoo/conditioner you have left. It will keep your hair looking strong and healthy.
  • Try to use a hair mask or a leave-in conditioner once a week or once a fortnight as it will look really good and make a lot of difference! I like to use a hair mask as a bit of a treat on a Sunday evening after the weekend and in preparation for the week ahead. It also strengthens hairs if you get into a routine, depending on which you decide to purchase.
  • Rinsing your hair with olive oil might sound crazy but it can really help - during a bath or shower, apply it to your roots and make sure it runs through all your hair before rinsing with cold water. Alternately, leave it in for 30-9 minutes. It can contribute to making hair shinier and smoother, it also gently removes dandruff and, if used regularly, is good for hair growth.
  • Whilst you are washing your hair, apply shampoo and spend 10-15 minutes to massage your head. This relaxes the follicles that grow hair (just as brushing your hair gently does) and can also improve hair growth and speed it up. You can also do this when your hair is dry, once or twice a day, which will help grow your hair. I like doing this whilst listening to music or watching TV as it takes no time and little effort and does actually work - pay attention to the results!

 Have an amazing day everyone!

2 Besties Blogging xx (Becca)