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Saturday, 23 January 2016

*FREE GIVEAWAY* 12 Amazing Advertsing Social Media Accounts

Hey peeps!
This is a FREE giveaway post that we are writing to help any future bloggers reading this increase their blog traffic ten or twenty-fold. We really hope you enjoy this post! It helped us tremendously in getting a large amount of page views in only a few hours, and we hope to help you too. Here are the top 12 social media accounts you NEED if you want to be a successful blogger:
1. Twitter. Twitter is full of users - millions of people seeing your update on Twitter means a possible millions of people visiting your site. To increase your following on Twitter, use common hashtags when you post, meaning more people see it and have the choice to visit your blog.
2. Facebook. Everyone knows and loves Facebook. Just post a link to your blog and watch the traffic increase.
3. Instagram - a top photo social media account, you need to post high-quality photos from your blog with links to get anything from Instagram. Again, use popular hashtags wherever you can.
4. Pinterest. Pinterest is amazing; post pictures and gain a huge following before giving away pictures from your blog with a link. Pinterest can often generate large amounts of traffic to your website/blog overnight.
5. Tumblr. If you want a picture-blog, Tumblr is probably the best one to get - you can include short posts as well and the site has millions of people that might be interested in your blog and click on a link, gaining you more and more page views.
6. Reddit. I like Reddit, as if you are lucky enough to have a large following on the site, you can gain surprising amounts of traffic. But careful - it is scarily easy to be banned! This is really a social bookmarking site (as is and Squidoo and Delicious!)
7. Goodreads is a website that allows you to add books to your shelves and rate them. After doing some of that, you are able to upgrade to an author account and can link to any blogs or eBooks very easily. Goodreads has over two million users and is very popular.
8. I strongly recommend using Delicious - it allows you, like Reddit, to post links and small text posts and gain followers. However, I find Delicious is quite time-consuming and use it on my phone briefly each day - I wouldn't use it for more than five minutes daily to prevent wasting my time.
9. is another similar one to Delicious, but I don't like the site format and the difficult of logging/signing in. Can generate lots of traffic if used properly, though.
10. Squidoo is a medium-popularity site that you post lenses on and gain likes/followers for dong that. You can, if your account is supported by lots of followers and you are a regular, potentially earn money using Squidoo - but careful, it again takes a lot of time!
11. Hubpages is similar to Squidoo, and I personally prefer it as it is easier to use and post on that Squidoo is. Allows you to post Hubs and are also able to link to websites or blogs which can be very useful for site owners. Can generate huge amounts of traffic if you have a big following and are reasonably popular (though make sure to link all the time on Hubpages).
12. LinkedIn is very easy to get traffic from, and has a huge amount of users currently onsite (as in, millions and millions). I don't use LinkedIn but have heard great reviews from pretty much all bloggers or advertisers who recommend LinkedIn.
These social media/bookmarking sites are really, REALLY useful for making your fame in blogging - I recommend Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Hubpages the most as they will all bring in big amounts of traffic (use Google Analytics to control the flow and study the traffic.
Thank you for reading! Please like, comment and share (we want to spread the word!)
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Our personal blogs

Hey peeps!
The reason for us collaborating is to make you feel happy and pleased when you read our blogs. However, we really want to build a wide circle of viewers, and we though this would really help! We decided that with the traffic from both of our blogs, we could divert them all to this one as well, and to each-others. It's working successfully. Rebecca got over 100 views today! Secret Girl lost her tracking code, so doesn't know, but is hoping it's similar! We are both really keen for more views, so please go to the contact page to view our personal blogs!
Loving life,
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Hey peeps!
I wanted to paste one of my favourite posts from my blog here ( ) so you can get a taster of my individual blog. Rebecca did this with her life hacks post, an here's here blog link if you're interested: . This is actually a rather personal blog, which I am slightly nervous about posting on anything other than my personal blog.
Here you are...
Hey everybody,
Today I wanted to talk to you about being happy.
Never dull your sparkle
Cheesy, huh? By this is mean, your sparkle is happiness- never let anything or anyone take that away from you. There will always be ups and downs in life- ALWAYS. I suffer from: anxiety, worrying (ALOT), fear of sickness and being squeamish. These are all the major things about me I need always find myself fretting about. I get anxiety about getting the bus. My worrying started mostly when I moved schools. It tends to emerge during tests and serious exams. I have a fear of sickness. I miss out on a lot because of this: sleepovers, parties, friends’ houses and school trips. Being squeamish! If Unicorn is reading, she’ll be thinking: ‘typical!’. Just don’t talk to me about tonsillitis! Never dull your sparkle. Remember, nobody is perfect- think about all the good things about yourself! My good qualities are: kindness, hard-working, funniness and sympathetic-ness! I sound like a serious bragger, but it does help to think about these things! (I'm just reading this back before I post this on the besties blog. The above is really personal, and were intended for my personal blog. No upsetting comments please! Also, Unicorn is my old code name for Rebecca, Girl Behind the screens)
I’m the kind of girl who will burst out laughing at something that happened yesterday
That’s totally me! These are the moments we all cherish! Thinks that make you LOL, and potentially things you’re still forever giggling about in a month! Today, I found myself laughing about a hilarious biology moment! Luckily, I only sniggered! Crazy times are the ones that go down in your history. Comment below something that makes you LOL! I’ll pick the best one and mention it in a blog!
Barbie wants to be me
This is how everyone should feel, if you want to, of course! Barbie is chic, trendy, stylish. Once you feel Barbie, you feel on top of the world. Walk like Barbie, with confidence, purpose and swag.
Hoping to cheer you up,
Secret Girl xxx

I hope the bestie readers all enjoyed this post! It's a certain one of my faves!
Hoping you enjoyed,
Secret Girl xxx

Make-up starter kit

Hey peeps!
I imagine most people reading this blog that are interested in the sorts of things we post about will be into make-up or, just getting into make-up! I wanted to show you a collection of some of my favourite drugstore products. This isn't planned to be under a budget, but not high-end Mac or Urban Decay!
1. Concealer is a must-have for all make-up kits! I've heard amazing things about the Rimmel Wake me up concealer. I don't own it myself, but have tried it from my friends. Also, the collection Lasting Perfection concealer is massively popular on YouTube!
2. I love the Collection Naturally Matt foundation. It's super affordable and does a great job, unless you get flaky skin when it gets dry, like me.
3. Blusher is an absolute must-have! I think cream blushers are easier to work with, although it is a matter of opinion. I love the Rimmel stay matte cream blush, which matches their stay matte mouse foundation.
4. Next is powder! I just use the MUA one, which isn't the best, but because my skin is dry I don't really use powder!
5. For eyeshadow, I love the MUA palettes. My favourite is the 5th anniversary palette! Revolution palettes are also great, coming in a wide rnage of colours and prices- but they're all super cheap!
This is a basic starter kit, for those of you just starting out! If relevant to you, I hope this helped!
1 Bestie Blogging
Secret Girl xxx ( )

Thanks readers!

Hey peeps!
We were just scrolling down our page to see we had 62 views TODAY!!! It's so exciting to know that people are reading our blogs, we really enjoy looking at the stats and stuff! We just wanted to let you know we really appreciate it! Thanks! Also, if you have any questions, and we get enough, we're happy to do a Q&A for you all- we need about 5 questions first! You can either email your questions (if you don't have a gmail account) from the contact page, or comment them below if you have a google account. Then, we can check our your blog/site if you want!
Thanking all of you for so many views in just one day,
2besties blogging xoxo

Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

Hey peeps!
This post will be filled with life hacks - including girly secrets and very important tips for school/work! The point of this post is just to have fun and help you have fun, too. Happy reading!
OK, the first thing I want to share is a few very useful life hacks. You know, tips that can be used in life to make it more bearable. So, here they are!
1. Pick out the outfit you want to wear the previous night to stop mad panics when you can't find your favourite skirt or the one top that matches your spotty leggings is in the wash. I find this helpful, especially for school.
2. Don't drink coffee or Coke after 7pm. The caffeine keeps you awake all night and prevents a healthy night's sleep.
3. Relax before you go to bed - I recommend reading or writing, but not any screen time half an hour before you go to sleep. The bright light affects your eyes and prevents you from sleeping well.
4. Buy a phone case. The reason I put this on here was to stop you from dropping (thus smashing) your phone and either having to get a new one or not being able to use it. Very helpful life hack - even a £1 clear protective case will do.
5. Don't keep your phone in your room when you are in bed. EVER. This will simply prevent you from getting the right amount of sleep and will hurt your eyes - don't use bright screens in the dark. It might be hard, but I always leave my phone downstairs when I go to sleep, otherwise I'm too tempted!
6. Get Pinterest. It's absolutely brilliant and allows you to look at the cutest, most adorable animal pictures in the history of the world! Loving Pinterest at the moment - if you want to gain more followers, search keywords relating to your account and follow all the pinners pinning stuff relative to yours.
7. Eat breakfast! I say this a lot, but breakfast is uber important and shouldn't be missed! Always eat at least a piece of fruit in the morning to keep you going - you could even take your breakfast to school and eat it there.
8. Have one handbag in use at one time. Never switch between a couple because, basically, you will end up forgetting where stuff like your Polo mints are or which bag you put your phone in and probably end up losing something (I learnt this the hard way). Instead, keep all your handbag items in one bag - it makes life so much easier!
9. Instead of buying eBooks that are physically explaining a process (such as increasing blog traffic) and spending money on it, look online instead. Google is free and will (probably) provide you of the information you need. This way you end up spending time and money - deal!
10. Keep pens/stationery in jars or tins on your desk instead of in drawers. They are easier to access as well as being displayed prettily, rather than being hidden away (and it minimises the risk of you losing them quite a bit!).
Please comment below if you use any of those - I really do find them helpful! Now I am going to list five of my lifesaver school hacks; enjoy!
1. From the age of eleven up, carry a tampon/sanitary towel around with you in your bag. This way, if you start your period in school, it is easy to fix!
2. We all miss days of school; dentist appointments, sick days, funerals, etc. But what if you missed vital information in class? Well, simply type keywords relating to the lesson in YouTube's search bar and then make notes there! Easy, free, and fun.
3. If you are starting a new school where you don't know anyone, ask for phone numbers on induction day. This way you can text people in your class and get to know them before you all start in September - great!
4. Pay attention in class. Simple, but vital if you want to do well in life.
5. Always carry a bottle of water around with you for emergencies. Water gives your brain energy and prevents dehydration - it's pretty important. Drink regularly throughout the day to keep you healthy whilst at school.
Thank you for reading! Feel free to share this post and my blog to anyone. I'd love to spread the news!
Check out Secretgirl's site at, featuring fashion, lifestyle, beauty and advice.
You can visit my blog, also featured lifestyle, fashion, beauty and fun tips by clicking here: - thank you!
Besties Blogging xoxo


Hey peeps!
I, secret girl, am going to be writing this post! It's going to be all about family. Without family, we would be no where- really! Families are so important; you can trust they love you. This post reminds me of when I was little, and my mum and I would go through a list of everyone who loves me. Auntie Heather, Uncle Ian, Cousin Sammy, Cousin Will, Grandad Bob, Grandma Emma (All made up names!). The list is never-ending. When you go to sleep tonight, think of a list of people who love you. It's positive, uplifting and comforting.
One thing that determines the quality of your 'family time' is what you do. Right now, my dad and sister are watching a film about an expedition to  Antarctica, my mum is reading the paper, and I'm sat here in my onesie blogging. As a family, we often watch films together and have meals in the lounge, as well as roasts at the table.
Another thing that will make or break your time together is what you talk about. If you're watching a movie, you obviously can't chat, but over a meal you certainly can! Great topics to chat about include: latest technology and gadgets (my granddad loves it!), your achievements (my family love hearing about what I've been up to recently) or funny moments (laughing and giggles!). Make sure the topic you pick can involve everybody, including younger siblings/cousins/nieces/nephews and older people!
The final thing to discuss is where you host/attend the event. It can make or break the visit, although most places will be fine! Family-friendly pubs, homes and parks (in the summer) all work well. When less people are attending the get-together, picnics in the park are great!
I hope this advice was helpful! Enjoy your time with your family, and treasure it.
Thanks for reading,
1bestie blogging, Secret Girl xxx
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Hey peeps!
The title of this post is in capitals and with an exclamation mark. And yes, it deserves it. Today I am going to write about BOYS.
OK, this post will feature some tips on how to tell if a boy really likes you or not, how to develop a stronger relationship with a friend that happens to be male, and a few tips for those of you currently in a relationship. Happy reading!
Firstly, some tips to tell if a boy is crushing on you or not:
1. Does he act awkwardly around you sometimes? If so, he probably is crushing on you and is just waiting for the perfect moment to ask you out.
2. If he treats you like a friend and calls you 'mate' and lets you hang around with his friends, he probably isn't ready for a relationship and sees you as a friend. Don't worry, though, there may be potential dating material there for later!
3. Is he always surprising you with chocolate, and opening doors for you? Does he spend lots of time with you and choose you over his mates? If so, he likes you. Ask him out!
Don't forget I am not a dating expert and don't know everything about relationships, this is just based on my knowledge.
Now, if you realised the boy you like doesn't fancy you, here are a few tips for building a stronger relationship and becoming closer to him:
1. Be nice and friendly. Don't act like the other girls who flirt and flutter their eyelashes. Try not to show off and just be nice towards him.
2. If you feel like you should tell him you like him, tell him slowly and explain yourself, don't just blurt it out. Boys should respect you if you talk gently and calmly to them.
3. Hang with your girlfriends some of the time and spend time with the boy you are crushing on. Just remember, girlfriends will always have your back!
4. Don't tell anyone because they might, spitefully, tell him and ruin the romance.
5. Try not to act as if you are obviously fancying him; do your best to treat him the same as other boys.
Finally, I want to share some expert pointers with you on how to have a healthy relationship, with a boyfriend and your girlfriends. Enjoy!
1. Spend a balanced amount of time with both your girlfriends and your boyfriend. After all, your girlies will be around forever but who knows how long the boyfriend will last?
2. Don't be too over-excited for dates or time together at school; try not to sound super eager when you reply! However, make sure you reply within a day to show you aren't ignoring him.
3. Try not to talk about him all the time - your friends will get annoyed and upset.
If you liked my post please comment and share - we would love to get more followers and views. Thank you!
Before you go, click this link: ! It is filled with beauty, fashion, advice, lifestyle and fun - happy reading!
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How To Be Positive and Cheerful

Hey peeps!
I am talking about positivity today - how to feel positive, how to ignore the negative, how to improve your life and how to feel generally happier. Happy reading!
OK, we are just going to give you 3 everyday tips for being positive. They can be used every day, every week, or on and off - it is your choice! I use these as often as I can to ensure I am left feeling happy:
1. Have breakfast! I know this is simple, but many teen girls don't do this. Having breakfast uses up precious time in the morning but it is also really healthy and a good way to start the day. If you don't have time for breakfast on school days, take a piece of fruit or a cereal bar to school and eat it on the way! This means you are feeling healthier, powered up with some high-carbohydrate stuff, and ready to tackle the day. I often have porridge in the morning because it is super nice, very low in sugar and fat, and easy/quick to make. It fills me up and leaves me full of energy for the day ahead!
2. Be nice to others. If you are sending nice texts to your friends and sharing snacks or money the likelihood is they will reply nicely too - and share their food or money. What goes around comes around, as the old saying goes, and it is completely true in this case. Being nice will mean others are nice in return and a sweet text from a close friend ALWAYS brightens up the day.
3. Ignore the haters, as Miranda Sings (YouTube star) would say. They should back off (another of Miranda's favourite sayings) and stop hating on you - you're a great person, and they need to respect that and be nice. People who ignore you, leave nasty comments on a website/blog, spread untrue rumours about you at school or talk about you behind your back aren't worth your time. Grin at them, move away and accept that you can never please everyone. It's OK. You have loads of friends and a great life. They're jealous of you.
That's the first section of this long post! I hope you use these tips - I love focusing on making my day as happy as I can, and frequently I use all three. Up next are two ways to ignore the negatives.
1. Have a certain time in your day, not a long period of time but a relatively short period, to discuss worries or issues. Call it a 'talk time' or a 'worry time' and use it to talk about your feelings with parents, friends or siblings. Doing this should help you lock the negative thoughts away for the rest of the day and it will also allow you to chat with someone and ask them for help. Take advice and tips because it might help - open up and explain your anxiety and fear.
2. If you are a pessimist (I am to a certain level and I understand!) try not to be one. Rip your focus away from bad things and instead think of nice things. For example, when I was younger I would fret and worry and cry at night because I was alone without my family. I would remember all the bad things that have ever happened to me and cry miserably. Now, though, whenever I feel down I go to listen to some funky music or text my bestie (yep, that's Secretgirl) and cheer myself up. Being sad isn't good and you should find away to distract yourself from it.
Finally, I am ending this post with a few starters on how to improve your life and become a happier, healthier person. I use these the most and I have to say...they work! It is not usually I would try tips like these and admit they work, but these are great and should be followed:
1. Smile as often and as much as you can. Smiling releases an endorphin that cheers you up, and you will look ten times prettier if you just SMILE! Life is beautiful.
2. Eat healthy food, such as salad or granola instead of a main meal or cereal. Cereal is full of sugar and main meals can be extremely fatty; salad and granola are both better lifestyle choices. The reason I am telling you to do this is because they will allow your brain more energy, meaning your work will be at a higher standard. The teachers will love you!
3. If you are sad, eat chocolate. This is controversy towards the last pointer, where I told you to eat healthier. But actually, chocolate also includes the endorphin that cheers you up - so when you are sad it is the PERFECT food to eat! (Just don't eat bars and bars of it...)
4. Meet up with friends or family at the weekend instead of staying inside and sleeping in. Fresh air is lovely and calming, so go for a walk in the park or along the canal. It will blow your troubles away!
I hope you take something from this post. Enjoy it! Try to live life to the full, like I do.
We love you all SO much!
Before you go, if you would like to visit Girl Behind The Screen's teen-based lifestyle blog, click here: - she posts about fashion, life, beauty, happiness, positivity and lifestyle!
Besties Blogging xoxo

How To Build Your Confidence

Hey peeps!
We are back! Today we would like to chat about confidence, as its a hugely important thing.
Confidence is a key aspect in life. You need to be able to be confident in yourself and realise that actually, you're a great person. Here is a crash course in becoming super confident in a good way:
1. Fill your life with happy thoughts. If you are happy and content, you will look happy and more people will like you, thus making you feel a whole lot more popular and confident.
2. Chuck out those who diss you and make you feel bad. You are a nice, valuable person and should spend time with other nice people, not those who treat you like dirt. Instead, fill your life with your friends and family who love you and respect you. Instantly you should feel more confident.
3. Step out of your comfort zone. Do things that make you scared, because they make you scared. Try new things and dare yourself to be brave. Once you have conquered a fear you will feel more self-confident and be ready to try new things.
4. Speak in public and be brave. Be steady. Make your voice loud and project it. Make yourself heard. If you act cool and collected and confident people will realise you are confident and will respect you.
5. Smile more often and act more confident. Believe in yourself and realise you can do whatever you chose. You are AMAZING. Believe it.
We hope you enjoyed this post and that you took something from it. You should be confident because you are an amazing person and deserve to be confident.
Love you all! Please comment if you liked reading this!
Besties Blogging xoxo

Blog Beautiful

Hey peeps!
This is our first post EVER on Besties Blogging - we are literally so excited!
We will post about beauty, fashion, happiness, positivity, lifestyle and what's happening in our lives, so enjoy hearing about all that.
Our goal is to get 150 views in one week - do you think we can do it????
We would like to get 2,500 views in the year. Please help us all you can - we would love to collaborate and guest post with you!
Please share this blog with as many people as you like. Text, email, even put our link on social media. If we see this we will instantly add a link to your blog/website in our home page. Thank you!
If this post receives 10 comments, we'll follow all the 10 people who comment's gmail. Also, let us know if you decide to link our blog in the comments, and we'll have a page filled with all the people that do so! We'd love to spread the word about our blog! When you go on secret girl's blog, comment below 'Just read the bestie blog!'. When you go on Behind the screen girl's blog, comment below 'loved the bestie blog!'.
Thanks readers, we really appreciate your help,
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