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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Thank You!

Hey peeps,
So pleased to see we have over 540 views already; this is so exciting! Thank you all so much for your love and support, it means a lot!!
Besties Blogging xoxo


Hey peeps!
This is random but...
This day has been a thing for 10 minutes and we already have 8 views!
2 Besties Blogging xoxo

Best post ever!!!

Hey peeps!
Even thought it's 11:30, we did promise you an amazing post for 500 views- so here you are! Despite not being able to do the Q&A, we can still make an amazing post for you! In between each section of this massive post, we'll tell you the time and how many views we're on!
Before we start, we really want to thank you for 500 views. The feeling when you open the stats to see 503 (to be precise!) views is incredible! We couldn't have done it without you all! Although blogging isn't all about the views, it's rewarding to see the chart pointing upwards, and the stats number increasing. Anyway, on with the fun post...
 First up, we just plaited our hair!
Don't they look cute? Secret Girl did them- and Girl Behind the Screen added the special touch of the bows! Plaits are a super cute school idea. Often, people think they take ages to do, and are super difficult. In reality, they are easy and quick! It took us about 5 minutes to do both! Here's a tutorial on how to do some quick and easy hairstyles for school- dutch braid included! 

It's 17 minutes to midnight, and we're on 516!

During this sleepover, we've been spending ages blogging. One of the posts we've done is a luscious lips post, and here's an image from it! We love blogging together, and we both love make-up! My (Secret Girl) favourite lip gloss is Rimmel's OH MY GLOSS in Rebel Red. My favourite lip balm (Girl Behind the Screen) is baby lips Cherry Me.

It's 11 minutes to midnight, and we're on 528!

Now, we want to talk to you about our favourite quotes! Secret Girl's is: Never Dull your Sparkle. She says: I just think when you can be glittery and happy, why wouldn't you be. Also- glitter is so me! Girl Behind The Screen: Live, Love, Laugh. She says: It's my total motto!

It's 7 minutes to midnight, and we're on 528- still! Come on guys!

We think it would be a great giveaway to share our top 3 tips to get more traffic for your blog! Our first tip, comment below on famous bloggers sites, like Niomi Smart, Zoella and Tanya Burr. Make sure to leave the link to your site! Our second tip, comment below on people who are just slightly more successful than you, and 'offer' (don't ask!) to guest post on their site, as long as they do it in exchange. 3. Use Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everything!!! This will allow people from all the different medias to see your blog. For example, if you had 20 followers on each- you'd then have at least 100 views on your blog!

It's midnight, and we have 529 views- doing better!

Finally, we wanted to share some sneak peaks of our blogs for you...

Girl Behind The Screen:
Hey guys!
OK, relaxation is super important, especially if you are taking important exams at the moment or are feeling permanently stressed. You should always have a time in the day to relax and take things slowly. If you are looking for a few tips on how to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the next day, you are in the right place! I will describe the best ways to achieve relaxation in this post, along with three tips for breaking down big tasks and making them seem more manageable. Happy reading!
How to feel more relaxed during the week:
1. I like to cross off the days on a calendar as it means I know which day it is (and also how long it is to the weekend!).
2. Try to do assignments/homework early in the evening or during the lunch hour to maximise time you have in the evening to relax or have fun.
3. If you are feeling super stressed, TALK to someone. Ask a teacher for some support or confide in a friend or parent; they will give you advice and a hug, which always makes me feel better.
4. Make a study timetable and stick to it. However, don't have six hours of revision one night and half an hour the next. Balance it so you do three  hours each day, and make sure you always hand in assignments/homework by the deadline to prevent behaviour marks or detention.
5. Drink lots of water whilst studying/ at school to make sure you stay healthy. Also, eat regularly. These will both keep you relaxed and feeling OK.

Click here to see the rest! This will take you to her site, obviously you'll have to scroll to find the right post. Although, you might find an amazing post on your way!

It's 2 minutes past midnight, and we're on 529, still. Assuming it's because we haven't posted in the last two minutes!

Secret Girl's post:
Although it's a little late!

Hey everybody,
Although I’ve cancelled week day blogs because I’m currently too busy with school, I’ve recently been feeling inspired to write about my 2016 goals. It started when I was floating around the world of YouTube, when I noticed 2016 fitness routines, etc… Here are several of my new year’s goals, maybe you could try some out with me! Comment below if they are a success!
1. Skin care
In the last few days, I’ve been treating myself to a few extra products, like a nicer toner and face scrub. I’ve noticed slight changes in my skin, although I’ve only had them a few days! My target is to keep my skin in tip-top condition! In order to achieve this alongside me, you could test out some bargain gift sets, on sale after Christmas! This is a fun and festive way to splurge, without spending too much! One skincare product I love, which my mum uses, is her Nivea day cream 2 in 1 primer. it works really effectively and leaves your skin with a smooth finish. Certainly worth trying out!

Click here to see more of here site. Again, you'll have to scroll down to find it!

Thank you all for reading- we hope this post was as good as you had hoped. With it being super late, it might not be up to our usual standards! Although for the more professional bloggers, this might seem like nothing to you, this is massive for us! It's only been a week! Yay! Make sure to comment below- we still haven't had any yet!

Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much,
2 Besties Blogging xoxo

The friendship test!

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to do the friendship test, because Rebecca is here with me! Obviously, this test will be testing how alike we are, but that isn't what makes a good friend- often opposite people are the best of friends. The test is going to work like this: I'll write a question, answer it and then ask Rebecca. That way, Rebecca won't know what I've answered, so it will be fair!
1. Where's your ideal holiday place?
a. New York
b. Thailand
c. Hawaii
d. Wales
Secret Girl: a
Girl Behind the Screens: a
2. If you could be any emoji, which one would you be?
a. Laugh/cry face
b. The smiley face
c. The smiling devil
Secret Girl: a
Girl Behind the Screens: a
3. What's your favourite pudding?
a. Fruit salad
b. Profiteroles
c. Chocolate Brownie
d. Candy!!!
Secret Girl: a
Girl Behind the Screens: b
4. What's your favourite daily vlogger?
a. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
b. Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of chatter)
c. Alfie Deyes (Pointless Blog Vlogs)
Secret Girl: b
Girl Behind the Screens: a
5. What track do you like most?
a. Justin Beiber, love yourself
b. Adele, hello
c. Jessie J, Flashlight
Secret Girl: a
Girl Behind the Screens: c
 It's so funny that they're almost the same!
Thanks for reading,
2 Besties Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx

How to make your hair look longer in 5 minutes!

Hey peeps!
As you can tell from today's other posts, I'm feeling the hair-style vibe today! I found this on youtube, and customized it for you! This took me less than 5 minutes to do (I timed it).

1. You want to brush out your hair so it's easy to work with, and the end result will then look neater.
2. Part your hair roughly half way. Start the parting low down by your ears, and run your fingers higher up, so you've shaped an arch with your parting.
3. Tie this section into a pony tail.
4. Take the pony tail section, and twist it into a bun to keep it out the way.
5. Make the rest of the hair a pony tail, hiding it underneath where the bun will fall.
6. Take out the bun!
Thank you all for reading. I'm aware the result picture is super filtered and stuff, but it looks cuter!
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx

Also, we promised a Q&A today, so this is your last chance to send us some comments!

Hairstyles With Pictures!

Hey beauties!
I wanted to share some of my favourite hairstyles with you today! I love styling my hair all cute for school- but often I don't have time. I usually opt for a pony-tail, messy bun or French plaits. Here are some of my favourite weekend styles; they each take 10-20 minutes, depending on how experienced you are.

The stretched French plait!

  1. Plait your hair in a Dutch braid. You can do this in any direction you'd like- diagonal, straight down- how you want. I did mine half up half down. Leave plenty of excess hair at the bottom.
  2. Stretch out the plait, so it looks messy and Tumblr! Make it wider, so your hair looks thicker.
Messy frenchies!

  1. Split your hair evenly in two sections. Tie one side into a bunch, so it's our of the way.
  2. French plait your hair as usual. Do it not too tight, and not too loose! Leave a little extra hair at the bottom.
  3. Stretch out the bottom of the braid (the bit that isn't attached to the head).
French twist braid

  1. Take a section from the side of your head.
  2. Twist the section about 3 times, tightly. Work it around the back of the head.
  3. Add a few bobby pins, twisting them into the plait, to insure it stays in.
  4. Allow it to either dangle down the side of your head, or you can carry on with the next steps.
  5. Continue to twist the plait, but add some hair from above, and secure with a bobby pin.
  6. Continue to do this around the whole head.
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! It's quite a big thing for me to upload pictures of myself online, although they're only the back of my head! Hope you liked it,
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx


Hey peeps!
Controverting with one of our previous posts, titles what this blog means to us, we're thrilled to have 400 views!!!!! Just 100 to go before that amazing post. Comment below questions for Q&As, suggestions- we'll be covering a lot of fun things in the post! Let's keep it up and work for 500! Thank you all. If you're reading from America, heyyy! If you're in Mexico, wow! Germany, hiya! England, it's cold isn't it? Thank you all for reading! We're seriously to happy to be on nearly 500 views! Let's keep trying after 500, for 750, then 1000!!! When we get 1000- there'll be serious celebration!!!
Here are some targets for the end of each month:
January: 500 (end of today!!!)
February: 700
March: 1000 (YAY!)
April: 1200
May: 1500 (Secret Girl's birthday!)
June: 1700
July: 2000 (A big one!)
August: 2200
September: 2500
October: 3000 (Rebecca's birthday!)
November: 3200
December: 3500
Thank you all for reading, and please help us to achieve our targets,
Besties Blogging xoxo

My Nail Polish Collection (HUGE)

Hey beauties!

Firstly, please don't think we are trying to brag AT ALL in the making of this post - we are simply trying to entertain you, our amazing readers, so please no hate!
We hope you enjoy this list and maybe leave your collection in the comment section below! That would be awesome:) Thank you so much to everyone, we love you! >3
  1. Red, watermelon scented
  2. Red, Emily the strange in Sabbath red
  3. Red, Next, Deep fuchsia
  4. Red, Claire's, Christmas gift set 2014 number 2
  5. Orange, Manhattan in Strange Orange
  6. Orange, orange scented
  7. Orange, luvely gift set
  8. Orange, Claire's in splatter orange
  9. Orange, gift set, pastel coloured
  10. Yellow, Claire's in beach
  11. Green, Claire's in funky
  12. Green/blue, Claire's, Christmas gift set 2014, number 6
  13. Green/blue/metallic, Claire's in dollar
  14. Green, Claire's in epic fail (not a fan of this one!)
  15. Green, Passion (99p store)
  16. Green/pastel, random gift set
  17. Green/blue, magazine
  18. Green/blue magazine (same as above!)
  19. Blue, Claire's blue crackle polish (so old it doesn't have a name!)
  20. Blue/glitter, Jack Wills
  21. Blue/navy, Manhattan in Bento Beauty
  22. Blue, luvely
  23. Blue, random gift set
  24. Blue/neon/pastel, Miss Sporty, no name
  25. Blue/pastel, Emily the Strange miles blue
  26. Blue/glitter, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 2 (again?)
  27. Blue, blueberry scented
  28. Purple/metallic/pink, Natural Collection, ....... haze (the name has faded)
  29. Pink/glitter, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 5
  30. Purple/glitter, Claire's, lightening
  31. Purple, random gift set
  32. Purple, random gift set
  33. Purple, Claire's crackle nail polish (super old)
  34. Purple/pastel, Claire's in electric
  35. Purple/very dark, Natural Collection(name has faded completely)
  36. Purple, Emily the Strange in Neechee
  37. Purple/brown, Claire's in #Metallic Dark Berry (LOVE THIS ONE SOOO MUCH!!!)
  38. Purple/metallic, Calire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 6 or 9
  39. Purple, random gift set
  40. Purple, Rimmel in Ultra Violet (LLLOOOOVVVEEE!!!)
  41. Pink/red, Claires Christmas 2014 gift set number 0
  42. Pink, Manhattan, Tokyo Tangerine
  43. Pink, random gift set
  44. Pink, Jack wills
  45. Pink, no7, pink grapefruit
  46. Pink, random gift set
  47. Pink, Manhattan, no name
  48. Pink, random gift set
  49. Clear, Claire's nourishing treatment
  50. Peach, random gift set
  51. Pink, OPI (name faded)
  52. Purple, grape scented
  53. Pink, Claire's in sugar high
  54. Pink, Emily the Strange, Mystery pink
  55. Pink, the Claire's Christmas set number 10
  56. Pink, natural collection (name faded)
  57. Pink, natural collection, shimmer pink
  58. Claire's caviar décor
  59. Stop 'n' grow- I bite my nails
  60. Pink, strawberry scented
  61. Pink, natural collection, shimmer pink (again)
  62. Marroon, French connection with no name
  63. Marroon, Manhattan, no name
  64. Calire's top coat
  65. Glitter, Claire's in glitter strands silver
  66. Speckles black and white, Claire's in school day
  67. Black, random gift set
  68. White, random gift set
  69. Nude, Rimmel, Caramel cupcake
  70. Black, China Glaze, crackle polish
  71. Black, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 4
  72. Gold, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 5 (again?)
  73. White, luvley
  74. Silver, Claire's crackle polish (no name)
  75. Silver, luvely
  76. Black, lovely
  77. Silver, Calire's Christmas set number 1
  78. Silver glitter, random gift set
  79. Gold glitter, random gift set
  80. Beige/ almost clear, natural collection in manicure
  81. Gold/rustic, lovely
  82. Gold/rustic, Manhattan in Tofu Tales
  83. Matte top coat, 2 true (Superdrug old make-up brand- not sure if they sell it any more!)
  84. Pearly pink, random gift set
  85. Balck, Claire's Christmas set number 10 (again?)
  86. Clear, random gift set
  87. White, Barry M nail art pen
  88. Black, Barry M nail art pen
  89. Silver nail art pen and rhinestones
  90. Blue shiny nail art pen and rhinestones
  91. Aqua nail art pen with pink glitter, magazine
  92. Blue nail art pen from JOYME (some random brand)
  93. Green glitter pot
  94. Dark blue glitter pot
  95. Light blue glitter pot
  96. Red glitter pot
  97. White glitter pot
  98. Orange glitter pot
  99. Pink glitter pot
  100. Nail rhinestone set little gems
  101. Nail décor set little bows
  102. 7 nail files
  103. 2 buffers
  104. The body shop hand and nail cream, almond
Thank you all so much for reading - hope you enjoyed! If you did, please take ten seconds to share our post or our blog to a friend, family member or share it on Google+. We would be so greateful if any of you could do that and help us out like that - we will be sure to follow back and visit any of your blogs you have. (Comment below if you would like us to have a peek at your blog and leave a link so we will leave a comment in return!)

Secret Girl xxx

Friday, 29 January 2016

What this blog means to us!

Hey peeps!
I've noticed that at least every 2 days we upload a post encouraging more views! It shows how desperate we are, but there is a reason for it. We want to share our love of make-up, fashion and hair with you. We also plan to give you life-hacks, advice, opinions, reviews. We really care about this blog- seriously. This post won't be a nag for more views, but a request. We request that you enjoy our posts. It's amazing to get that thrill when you look at the stats and see nearly 400 views- we're nearly there. The thing is, the annoying posts we keep uploading about more views aren't the ones that will make this blog successful. The ones that motivate you, inspire you, make you laugh, make you smile- they count. We want to make you happy with our blog, that's the ultimate aim. Obviously, collecting a wide range of views is important to us. We will still strive to get more views. We simply wanted to let you know with this post what our blog really means to us. We hope you find it interesting.

A blog is like a diary. You can record happenings, emotions, opinions. Because Secret Girl doesn't show her identity, she can upload personal things more freely. Rebecca has chosen to show her identity, allowing her to get credit and the full experience from blogging. There isn't a definition of a good blogger. What makes a good blogger in your opinion? Secret Girl: 'I like a blogger who uploads inspirational essay-style posts. I find them uplifting and powerful. I also love a blogger with a great sense of humour, who makes you literally lol! Tyler Oakley is my ultimate blogger, more like vlogger!' We think our blog has a reasonable balance- we upload the serious posts like this one, and the one Secret Girl did on risk taking. It's one of her favourite posts. Make sure to check it out! We also like to do fun posts. For example, the one Rebecca did on social media. This one was aimed to support new bloggers and help you out! We also use our blog to help you guys out. By welcoming guest posting, comments and for us to happily view your site, we help it welcomes you to our blog!

Blogging with friends is so much more fun. Although it's oppasite to the message of this blog, blogging with friends certainly help direct traffic to your blog. However, it's also double the fun! Sharing your hobby with other people is such a great experience!

We hope this encourages you to start your own blog. If it does, leave a link below- we'd be happy to check  it out and promote it on our site!

2 Besties Blogging xoxo
(This post was written by secret girl xxx)

Trypical things I do!

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to write a funny post, because it's Friday! By the end of this post, chances are I'll be in serious pain from laughter! Obviously, and this goes without saying, I hope you enjoy...
  1. To tell my mum I'm going to grab some sunscreen in Superdrug, and come out 1 hour later with the latest collection on make-up, perfumes and hair stuff!
  2. Honestly, to loose everything. The other day, I lost one of my many other lost and/or found coats. I also lost my blazer, water bottle and DT homework.
  3. To cover EVERYTHING in washi-tape. My calculator, my iPad case, my pencil case, my water bottle...
  4. To tell my friends you've got that group project covered, and turn up with either a control-freak attitude, and binders full of plans, or just a scrap of paper.
  5. To try too hard for school on the first day- hair on fleek, nails in tip-top condition, outfit picked out weeks ago, perfume is the latest DKNY scent... Three days later: messy bun (not the cute kind), nails bitten, outfit wasn't ever properly picked out, deodorant as perfume... Yes, taht's literally my life. The start of term: 'I'm going to use this planner, and keep all of my files in this folder, and have this pocket only for books, and have this pocket only for stationery, and pick my outfit out before I go to sleep. One week later: What was it I said a week ago?
  6. My new year's resolution was to always do my homework the night I get it. I have sooo much homework right now, mostly from ages ago! But don't worry- I make sure to hand it in on time!
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Mt study routine

Hey peeps!

Neither Becca or I have uploaded at all today, so I though I could make a post on my study routine! I have a math test, English test, Spanish test, Physics test and many more tests coming up! As well as sharing my routine with you, I'll also share some tips. To see more tips, I've written a post titles 'Random Study Tips' or something like that. I hope you find the following content useful...
1. Jump into some comfy clothes! I'm wearing under armour (sports gear- like yoga pants!) and a pyjama top. They just make everything more comfortable. Also, fluffy socks are a must have!
2. Find a comfy place to study. Mine switch between my desk, my bean-bag zone (in my room) and my lounge. Desks are the best for written study, but if reading or typing on your laptop, sofas and cushions work fine.
3. Make a list. Make a list of all the things you need to cover, so you don't forget anything. Also, if you get a chance in the lesson, ask your teachers for a list! Make sure to put coloured dots beside each point to determine if they're important, easy or hard.
4. Get out the ESSENTIALS. Exaggeration on ESSENTIALS! I like to have my: iPad, laptop, pencil case, school-book and notebook. A snack won't hurt either! Grapes, I find, are good study fuel! Make sure your phone is away, preferably in a different room.
5. Work through your list. You want to work through the list at a steady pace, not rushing or going too slow. Make sure to spend extra time on the topics you struggle with. Do about 15 minutes at a time, or a topic at a time. Make sure to have about a 5 minute break in between each one.
6. Use grammarly! If you have to write any papers, check them all on grammarly because it'll catch more mistakes than your regular Microsoft Word or Pages!
7. Reward yourself with a chocolate bar or cupcake! You've done a good job. A relaxing bath works a treat after studying!
Thanks for readinh, hope you enjoyed!
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My current playlist

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to talk to you about all of my favourite songs, that are on my playlist!
1. Love yourself, Justin Bieber
2. Sorry, Justin Bieber
3. What do you mean, Justin Bieber
4. Ex's and Ohs, Ellie King (I think)
5. Levels, Nick Jonas
6. Literally my life, My life as Eva
7. The weekends, the hills
I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! Comment below your playlist, or top tracks!
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx


Hey peeps!
300 views! Thank you all soooo much! We really appreciate you viewing our site. Leave a link to your blog/site below and as a thank you present we'll list it in a post and view it ourselves!
Thank you all so much,
2 Besties Blogging xoxo

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Hey peeps!
Here, you can win this amazing bundle:
We will...
  • View your site
  • Comment on your site
  • Follow you on google
  • Link your site on our site
  • Tell our friends about your site
  • We'll follow you on Pinterest (If you have it!)
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All you have to do is leave a comment telling us why you love our blog and which types of posts you'd like to see more of. Obviously, include the link to your site/blog! We'll pick someone at random. The first person to leave a response will get this all automatically- and will stick be involved with a chance to win from the random selection!
Please try our giveaway because we really want to show our appreciation to you!
2 Besties Blogging xoxo

School trip must-haves!

Hey peeps!
Tomorrow, I have a trip to Bletchley Park, for maths. I have to say, I'm not really looking forward to it1 I wanted to share with you my must-haves for a school trip- including everything you could possibly need!
1. A smaller bag than usual
You don't want to be lugging your usual school bag around with you, because with all the walking (assuming you'll be walking around!) you'll tire of carrying it. I went for this leather rucksack. It's a lot nicer in reality than the picture!
2. A snack & lunch
I'm paying for a school lunch because it literally saves so much time, but I always have a snack just in case! I've packed blueberries, dried cherries/berries and a kellogs bar.
3. A hair brush and lip balm
Being outside in the wind will RUIN your perfect hair, so it's certainly worth bringing a hair brush. A lip balm is a must-have for anything. I don't leave the house without one!
4. Mints and sweets
You never know when someone is going to feel sick on the coach and need a mint to settle their stomach. This is often me! Also, sweets make any journey fun!
5. Some cash!
I like to bring money in case where we visit as a shop, and if you're visited any where like London it's good to have in case you get lost or something- preparing for the worst!
6. A drink
It's kind of obvious, but a drink is a great idea! If you're going on a walking trip, certainly bring an energy drink- you don't want to get dehydrated!
7. Your phone
This can go either way. Some people might say don't because you might loose it, but for safety reasons it's worth it!
8. Some stuff to write with
Self explanatory!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed! There are so many times where I've needed the laugh/cry emoji at points in this blog! I hope you enjoyed!
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret girl xxx

Monday, 25 January 2016

What I'm loving!

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to talk to you about what I've been loving lately, hence the title! From my latest YouTube addiction to favourite fluffy socks (which are these super cute fluffy pink ones my friend got me!). Grab a cuppa, and enjoy a long post about 'a few of my favourite things' (dduumm dum dduuumm dum, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...).
I have a serious addiction right now to Louise Pentland's (Sprinkle of Glitter's) daily vlogs. Usually, I find blogs quite boring, but not these! I often find myself searching her main channel for ask baby glitters, and watching the same ones over and over. Eventually, I realised baby glitter (Darcey) would always be in daily vlogs! She's so cute and funny; love them!
The baby lips Cherry Me is a certain favourite at the moment. I know it's been out for ages, but I've only just fallen properly in love with it! It glides on smoothly, leaving your lips a hot-pink -  unexpected due to the red colour of the stick!
I'm in love with Jack Wills nail polishes too! I have the glitter blue and the pastel pink. The only down-side is that the brush stick is so long, you get massive drops of nail polish falling onto your nails. I'm wearing the pastel pink one right now, and I love it so much...
I hope you all enjoyed this post! Also, if you notice less posts at the moment, it's because me and Girl Behind The Screeen are back to school!
Thanks for reading,
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx (Click on my name to see my blog!)

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Thank you

Hey peeps!
In this post, we want to quickly thank you for so many views. Thank you for reading this right now! If it weren't for YOU we wouldn't have as many views- and wouldn't be so happy! Thank you all! Let's see if we can get to 300 by the end of tomorrow !
Thank you all so much
2 Besties Blogging xoxo

Study tips!

Hey peeps!
At my school, all the sixth form have just completed their mid-year exams, and I have my exams at the end of this week! I wanted to share some random but helpful study tips you can try out! Enjoy!
  1. Chew the same gum you chew when you revise during the test. This is kind of random, but when you chew the same flavour (not same piece!) it can jog your memory. This means you can remember facts easier- for those short answer questions! I know some schools are strict about gum in school, but if your school isn't, this one is so worth trying!
  2. Study daily for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Instead of doing 10 hours of revision  all at once, do small bursts of revision. Otherwise, your brain will get packed with loads of information, and won't be able to remember it all! Revising isn't packing your brain with too much information, it's going over what you've already learned! Make your first revision session or two focused on learning, and going over the things you've forgotten. Then, you can work on memorising them.
  3. Make power points with lots of information and pictures. This will help you if you have photographic memory, and watching things over and over is effective for remembering. An alternative is to use the app explain everything, and make videos with information, recordings and information.
  4. Put languages to songs. When I first started Spanish, I had to learn all the numbers 1-100 in one night, because most people in my class knew them already! I managed to put them to 'Dear Future Husband' and it helped me to remember them all, like the alphabet song!
  5. Reward yourself with candy for reading. At the end of each page or paragraph, put a gummy bear or skittle, to encourage you to finish the reading. Then, you'll read quicker. Reading out loud is also more effective than silently in your head.
  6. Try turning things into stories! Make up short stories to help you remember scientific reactions or history. For example: Once upon a time, there was a cottage in the middle of the woods, with three bears. They each had their breakfast in a bowl, but went out for a walk before eating it. Little bear had Hydrochloric acid, Mummy Bear had Sodium sulphate and Daddy Bear had Nitrogen. Goldilocks found them, but didn't like any of them. She mixed them all together. There was fizzing, temperature change and the colour changed. 
I hope you found some of these tips helpful! Make sure to try them out on a mock exam, to see if they work for the real ones! The most effective one, I think, is number 4!
Thanks for reading,
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Secret Girl xxx


Take risks!

Hey peeps!
I wanted to share my all-time favourite post with you today, because I worked so hard on it, and it isn't getting many views on my site. To help me get more views, head to the contact page and insert the link for Secret Girl's site into your tool bar. Thanks!
Here's the post...
Hey everybody, As you can see from the title, today’s blog is going to be all about risk taking. Risk taking is something particularly relevant to my life at the moment. I plan this to be a fairly serious essay-style blog, despite it being Friday (It’s my Friday!! My time to party!!! Gonna do it my way!!!! Oh! Oh! Oh!!!!!!!).
Risk taking is something that gets us to where we are. Risk taking is when you step out of your comfort zone, and do something amazing. Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the bravest things you can do. Trust me here, it’s worth it. If Tyler Oakley hadn’t told the truth, stepping out of his comfort zone to do so, he wouldn’t be a YouTube super-star. If he hadn’t stepped out of his comfort zone, his name wouldn’t ring a bell. It would be another name, among many. Your comfort zone is the area where you feel safe, and warm and fuzzy. Remember, there are times where you should stay in your comfort zone, to relax and chill! This is a great feeling to have! Right now, I’m chilling in my lounge, typing on my laptop, wearing fluffy socks and my onesie. It’s not exactly stepping out of my comfort zone, is it? Not exactly. However, this blog is stepping out of my comfort zone, slightly. Imagine your comfort zone as a circle, in steel, pointed gates. Those gates are hard to get out of, but once you do, you feel terrific. The space outside your comfort zone isn’t limited. It’s like space. There are galaxies filled with opportunities and amazing experiences, but you have to pass the steel gates, trapping you in your limited comfort zone, to get to the good bit. In order to take risks, step out of your comfort zone.
When did you last take a risk? Although trying to make risk-taking sound as easy as possible, it isn’t something you can do with the click of your fingers, or the shake of your head. Risk taking takes passion. You might call picking the tuna ice-cream flavour as a risk- it is. Is it a risk that is forcing you to step out of your comfort zone? No. A risk that will make you happy, and uplift you requires passing the steel gates. Referring to the question I asked, I last took a proper risk when I moved schools. There were numerous cons: What if I hated it there? What if I couldn’t make any friends? What if I threw up? (The vomiting was literally my main concern!) In the end, I did move schools. Yes it was taking a risk. Yes it was stepping out of my comfort zone. Yes I was scared. Looking back on the last paragraph, when I mentioned galaxies filled with opportunities and experiences, I did meet a new world. I love it! (Although I was sick a few times!). The risk was totally worth all the nerves.
Sometimes, risks backfire. Sometimes, people make silly choices. People are entitled to their own opinion, but be careful when you take risks. Although encouraging you to take risks and step out of your comfort zone, sometimes they don’t go quite to plan. For example, the tuna ice-cream you tested might have been disgusting. Or, more seriously, I could have despised my new school. I could have, but I didn’t. It could have gone either way. Whether it went right, or wrong, it was stepping out of my comfort zone. I did gain a new experience, and in this case, it was very successful. When taking risks, my advice is to look at the odds. Are they against you? You can still take the risk, if you choose, but don’t expect it to all be perfect. If risks don’t succeed, you still stepped out of your comfort zone!
There are times when you shouldn’t take risks. For example, if you’re thinking about hurting someone (mentally or physically) just don’t. At other times, do it! Just do it!
I challenge you to wake up tomorrow and step out of your comfort zone. Perhaps, call a friend you haven’t chatted to in ages (this can be very awkward!). Or you could start your own blog! Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Take risks, they always pay off.
Stepping out of my comfort zone,
Secret Girl xxx

I hope you enjoyed this post! I find it so uplifting. For more posts like this, head to my site. Enjoy my other numerous posts!
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx

Soap and Glory wheel deal review

Hey peeps!
Secret Girl here! See my blog here! I wanted to paste a post I did reviewing the Soap and Glory wheel deal, because it's one of my favourites! For more posts like the one below, make sure to check out my blog!
Here you are...
Hey everybody,
On my usual bargain hunt, I managed to find the ‘Soap & Glory wheel deal’ reduced to £8! In my excitement, I purchased the item and rushed it home! It’s been a week since purchase, and I’ve ‘played’ with the product A LOT since! I wanted to give you a quick review! Also, a quick heads up, I’m not planning to upload tomorrow because I’ll be super busy with parties, shopping and pantomime!
The main product is full size- the ‘Flake away’ scrub. It has a bittersweet scent, although it’s rather subtle. It smells feminine and dainty- so cute! In the smell I can detect pineapple, banana and something floral. I’d describe the scent as floral, fruity and sweet. As for the effect of the product, it exfoliated well, leaving your skin baby-soft. The scent gives you a gentle aroma of the floral scent, after using, and you feel fresh and uplifted. I first tried this product on my feet, followed with fluffy socks- worked really well. The scrub segment-sized chips are sugar, I think, and are rather vigorous. The only down-side to this product is that the scrub isn’t too effective because it’s mostly liquid- sloppy not thick. Although the wheel deal isn’t available until next Christmas, I think, this product is available to buy as a singular. I’d certainly recommend it!
One of the products that isn’t may favourite from this set is the ‘smoothie star body buttercream’. It isn’t a bad product, I just think the smell is too harsh and strong. It smells of marzipan, almond and cherry- like Mr Kipling cakes! The product is a light moisturising product, and I love how it glides on your skin smoothly, filling your pores to even your skin and cooling. I think this product is great for regular use, as a pose to thicker products that might be preferred to use only weekly. Despite the mighty smell, the product does an amazing job for your skin- it’s certainly worth buying if you like cup-cake-like scents.
Another product in the set is the ‘sugar crush’ body buttercream. It’s a love or hate product- I’m on the love! The smell is tangy, citrus and heavily lime-scented. It does smell a bit like a cleaning product a little! It’s great to apply in the evening, so in the morning the smell has slightly died down. I wouldn’t apply this product right before going out, but in the evenings because it’s so strong! The consistency is similar to the ‘smoothie star’, but glides on in a smoother way. It blends in quicker, but you need a good dollop to get a non-oily section! Sometimes, if you just dip your finger on top, it comes off with a layer of oily product! I still really like this product, I think the scent combines really well with the scrub.
The next product to talk about is the ‘orangeasm’ super rich body butter. Interesting name! It isn’t my favourite scent of all the products, although I do like the smell, but the consistency is my favourite! It’s almost like crème fraiche, thick, buttery and, like the previous one, requires a good dollop to work! The smell is citrus, orange-scented and zesty. It’s also slightly on the savoury side. This product leaves your skin with the perfect amount of moisture- so desirable! I just love the thickness of this product! I would probably recommend you purchase it in full size- it’s the style of product which will get used up quickly!
‘Butter yourself’ smells amazing! It’s a super rich body cream! I just love the smell of this! I see if regularly in boots, and can tell it is one of their most popular products. It’s basically the same as the above, but better because of the smell! I smells of orange, with a sweet floral undertone.
The ‘righteous butter’ is my favourite product! It’s simply a body moisturiser, but is o the thick side! It smells sweet and girly. It basically smells like your typical lush scent! I really LOVE this product! It’s very similar to the two above! As you can tell, I love the rich products- the three above are my favourite!
Recommending you purchase this set,
Secret Girl xx
PS This post isn’t sponsored!

Hope you enjoyed,
1 Bestie Blogging
Secret Girl xxx

*GET MORE FOLLOWERS*- we will follow you!

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From looking at the stats, we can see that we have 100 viewers in the USA, 3 in Poland, about 20 in Germany and the rest in the UK! It's amazing to see people from other countries reading our blog! We post from England. If you're reading in the USA, shout out to you! Leave a comment below for a personalised shout out, and for us to follow your google account! The first person to leave a comment for any post will get a google follow from Rebecca, the link to your site displayed on our blog, a Pinterest follow from Rebecca, a shout out on our blog and us to view your blog, obviously leaving a comment and thumbs up, if you can! The second person to comment will get a follower, us to view your blog and leave a comment. The third will get a follower, and we'll view your blog/site. The fourth and firth with get a google follower. If you'd like to guest post, we certainly welcome that, and will do one for you in return!
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All the products in my cupboard!

Hey peeps!
Today I, Secret Girl, wanted to write a list of all the products in my cupboard, which I know as my beauty cupboard! It's just so you know which products I like to use! If you'd like reviews on any of these, let us know by email or in the comments! By the way, I'm not trying to brag! I hope you enjoy this post:
  • Boots own brand hair-bush x2
  • Tangle teezer x2
  • Hair bows x12
  • Hair knots/wraps x4
  • Scrunchies x3
  • Brushes x36
  • False lashes x3
  • Tattoo art pens x8
  • Black mascara x7
  • Clear mascara x3
  • Brown mascara x2
  • Green mascara (Don't ask why!)
  • Mini trio eyeshadow palettes x3
  • Single eyeshadows x6
  • Gel eyeliner x3
  • Quad eyeshadow palettes x3
  • Medium eyeshadow palettes x4
  • Large eyeshadow palettes x4
  • Pencil eyeliner x7
  • Lip liner x4
  • Liquid eyeliner x1
  • Bronzer x6
  • Blusher x11
  • Highlighter x4
  • Powder x1
  • Concealer x9
  • Foundation x5
  • Lipsticks x about 12 (My lip products are all in a pile- so I can't count them without them all falling out!)
  • The usual- deodorant, nail-polish remover, cotton buds, cotton pads, moisturiser, primers.
  • Dry shampoo
  • Volume spray
  • Body butters/lotions x 11
  • Hair spray
  • Hair serum
  • Special shower gels (boring ones in the shower) x 4
  • New Look's crème caramel
  • Extreme happiness
  • Zoella Blissful Missful
  • So...? Kiss me
  • Hidden love
  • Charlie black
  • Body Shop mountain rose
  • Charlie red
  • Ted Baker (The pink one)
  • Ted Baker (The blue/green one)
  • Charlie pink
  • Scent from above (99p store!)
  • So...? sinful
  • New Look's melon mango
  • So...? Exclusive
  • So...? Boutique
  • One Direction, Our moment
  • Xstasy
  • Passionate forever
I know this is a quite random post, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! I thought it would be like the equivalent to a vanity tour, or whatever, just written down!
Thanks for reading,

Guest post on this site!

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We are so excited to be getting lots of views! How many of you have a blog yourself? I imagine you're looking for more views, and we'd be happy to help. Please email us your guest post. Don't worry, we won't be using your email for anything else and we certainly won't post it publicly! If you don't want to write a guest post, perhaps your blog wouldn't fit with the overall theme of this one, we'd happily check out your blog if you comment it below. If we like it we might review it for a post!
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*TOP TIPS* Blog advice

Hey peeps!
We thought it would be really useful advice to give you if we told you how to get more traffic for your blog. The link takes you to Behind the screen girl's blog and the post she did on this topic. Here's our advice...
1. Upload posts that will draw attention! Most importantly, give them amazing titles! Rebecca did a post titled *FREE GIVEAWAY* even-though it wasn't exactly a giveaway, it was advice. This caught loads of attention from our readers, and it's our second most viewed post! Use topics that lots of people can relate to, like boys, school or baking.
2. Write amazing guest posts on popular sites. We're open to guest posts. For more info click here. Make sure to upload an amazing post, which is one of the best you can write. ALWAYS leave the link to your site!
3. Use social media to advertise your blog. Pinterest and Facebook are the ones this blog uses. Secret Girl wants to remain anonymous, so she doesn't have social media accounts. Facebook in particular brings in plenty of views, so it's super important.
We hope this quick burst of advice was helpful. To get more traffic, comment your blog below! We'll certainly check out your blog!
Hoping you enjoyed the post and found it helpful,
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What is fashion?

Hey peeps!
I've noticed on our blog we write a lot about fashion, make-up and hair, although we haven't done too much yet! I thought we needed a 'disclaimer', to explain that fashion isn't a definite thing, and that fashion can mean different things to different people. On my blog, ( ) I made a post to introduce my fashion page-  I really wanted to share it here! Behind the screens girl also has plenty of posts like this! On the side of our posts, you can click on secret girl or girl behind the screens to be taken directly to our sites.
Here's the post...
Hey everybody,
This is my first post about fashion- and I wanted to start it off with the question: What is fashion? I’m not saying fashion is a thing. You can’t pick up your favourite T-Shirt and call it fashion, nor can anyone! Besides, some-one might despise that T-Shirt, therefore it isn’t fashion in their eyes. Fashion is something you can decide for yourself. What is fashion? For me, fashion is cute skater skirts, paired with a smart cami and statement necklace, and converse trainers to make the look more casual. I love: fluffy sweaters, skater-skirts, onsies, kimonos and much more! Comment below what you love! For you, fashion could be something completely different. It could be sport bras and trackie bottoms! You could adore emoji leggings paired with striped T-Shirts! You might love clashing vibrant shades like a jungle, or sticking to dark, subtle shades like emerald and sapphire. Make sure what you wear- you love! Who cares what ‘Fashion Goddess’ Susie thinks. Or, what does it matter that ‘Queen fashion’ Ellie doesn’t like what you’re wearing? Why should they get a say in your life? If you’re best friend critics your outfits, talk to him/her. Tell them you’re upset with what they’re saying. If they choose to gang up with Susie and Ellie, don’t change your style for them! Don’t worry, they’ll come to their senses! The most important thing is that you’re happy with what you wear!
Hoping this helped,
Secret Girl xxx

I hope you Besties Blog readers enjoyed a taster of my blog. Click on the link in the introduction to see more posts like this! Girl behind the screens has plenty too, so click on the link on the contact page to see her blog! It's really good!
1 bestie blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx

Competitions and prizes!

Hey peeps!
We just wanted to let you know that we have a post coming up that you could be featured in! We're going to do a Q&A, so long we get enough questions! Please head to the competition page for more detail! Entries end Friday evening!
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Feel pretty on the inside

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to write to you about feeling pretty on the inside. Pretty much, it covers everything we might blog about (confidence, happiness, smiling)! Feeling pretty on the inside is all about accepting and loving who you are. It requires you to embrace your flaws in a positive way. I think the advice below will help you to love yourself, and feel pretty on the inside.
Once you're comfortable with yourself on the outside (this doesn't mean make-up, fake-tan or the like) loving yourself on the inside becomes so much easier. Look at yourself in the mirror and complement each part of yourself 3 times. For example, I love the colour, length and style of my hair. I like the tone, feel and look of my skin. Often, we're too quick to complain about ourselves, but hardly ever complement ourselves. Make sure to balance out your complements and critics. Instead of criticing, for example, the colour of your eyes, enchance them. Use eye-shadow or something to make them look amazing! I'm not saying make-up is the only solution to 'correct' flaws, but for ladies it can really help!
You should really try not to be negative about yourself! Some parts of your body you just can't change. There's no point in constantly fretting over them, when you could focus on the rest of your amazing body! If they really bother you, think about successful people who are the same as you. For example, if you dislike being tall, think about all the famous sports players who are tall, or models! ]
Next, you need to focus on loving your personality! Try making a list of all your good features. Include specific ones like: good company, bubbly personality, good at cheering people up. Try starting a blog, where you can share positive thoughts. If you comment it below, or email us, we'd be happy to check it out and try to publisise it on our blog.
It's really important that you have a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to feel pretty on the inside. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Some people can function on 6-8 hours of sleep, others need 8-10. You should eat healthily, and replace things like white bread, sugary cereals or chocolate bars with wholemeal bread, porridge or cereal bars. Then, you'll begin to feel happier and healthier. Exersice is good too.
Try having what I call a 'positive jar'. Print out quotes from Pinterest and Tumblr, and put them all in a cute jar. Whenever you feel down, just pick one out and it will seriously help cheer you up! When picking the quotes, find ones that make you smile. Smiling is so important! The more you smile, the happier you will feel. Smile now. Doesn't it feel good?
I hope you all enjoyed this blog! Was it helpful? Let me know in the comments below- and if you have any questions we're happy to help. For more posts like this, you can see my own blog: .
1 bestie blogging,
Secret Girl xxx