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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Secret Girl's Weekend Outfits 5th Feb

Hey peeps!
We're here again! This weekend is extra cold, so I've been wearing lots of long sleeved tops, thick jumpers and scarves. I'm also going through a serious 'clothe' phase, where if I see a top I like that I can afford I buy it! You might notice a few changes in my wardrobe choice, because weirdly it's become more Winter-related, with lots of long sleeved ribbed tops and jeggings.
Down, with a plait across the fringe and pinned on the side, stretched out to look almost bo-ho.
I just touched up a few blotchy patches with my Rimmel concealer, and just applied 3 heavy coats of my Colossal Maybelline mascara.
A ribbed tan top and black jeans, with a large sleeveless burgundy cardigan.
I'm swimming today (I know it's mother's day! It's a nice spa pool) so I decided to straighten my hair, even though it will curl in the pool, and tie it in a very high pony tail- high enough to do a messy bun.
Hence swimming later, I applied waterproof mascara, a shimmery cream eye-shadow that's also waterproof and some 'stick concealer' on a few spots or blotchy patches. The stick concealer doesn't come off too much in the water when you blend it in, and the formula is super thick. The cream eye-shadow is from Avon, called 'pink lemonade'.
I wore this dress from River Island, with black tights and a black blazer-style jacket. I wore black heeled ankle boots to top-off the look!
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Thanks for reading,
Secret Girl xxx