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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sophie's Weekend Outfits 13th Feb + Haul!

Hey peeps!
We apologise greatly for not uploading in a while, but hopefully I can make up for it with my regular weekendly outfit post, with a mini haul included and 'look back' on my weekend.
A grey and black dappled jumper with silver zips down the side, black leggings and nike trainers.
Down, after a French plait over night and hair mask the night before!
I did my usual which is concealer, BB cream, lip gloss and mascara.
A white short-sleeved top with floral cut out patterns along the hem-line.
The same as Saturday!
Mascara and that's it!

On Saturday, the plan was to have visitors to view my house, as our house is currently for sale. The event of being out in town (browsing in new look, modelling in Peacocks, strutting in River Island) turned into a mini shopping spree, in which the haul will be listed later. Before the shopping, my sister and I walked up to town and had breakfast in Costa- I love Costa! The shopping didn't start until we begged our parents for money!
On Sunday, I had the best bestie day ever! I woke up and got my Pinterest account ( ) which still isn't finished! Then, I headed out to go ICE SKATING with Girl Behind the Screen which was so much fun! Although I was utterly exhausted afterwards, it was amazing Winter fun and we were both pretty good (although I resembled Bamby most of the time!). Afterwards, we hit the MK shops! Once I got home, I went out for a run/race/basketball game with my sister. Finally, I made banana muffins and I have chili to look forward to for family tea!

  •  False glue-on nails
  • A body spray deodorant by Impulse called Surprise
  • Ickle Bickle Baby Bot bath bomb from Lush
  • Intergalactic Bath bomb from Lush
  • High Waisted Shorts from New Look: (eventhough in the picture they show black ones, mine are a light, bright blue denim)
  • This grey twisted crop top from New Look, which I love! I'm not sure why, but I can't find it online!
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