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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Besties Comeback!

Hey beauties!
After a several month break in which both of us focused on our individual blogs (Breath of Beauty - Becca  and Little Miss Blogger - Secretgirl ), we've decided I would be really beneficial to continue with this blog, sharing a mix of combined posts, sneak peaks from our individual blogs and full posts written separately.

First of all, we would love to get in touch with any of you after coming back to this blog with more experience. If you would like to email us via our personal accounts our addresses are below: - Becca - - Sophie

You can also comment on this or any of our other posts with any advice, tips or general feedback you have. We would really appreciate this as it gives us the insight of our readers and will reply to you as quickly as possible.

Coming back into blogging, there must be some changes. The first major thing is, Secret Girl has decided to be known as 'Sophie' now, her real name. Also on the topic of Sophie (hehehe!), she's decided to get her only google plus account, and she now has her own blog with blogger/blogspot. this also means you might see some posts that say 'by Sophie Blogger' now. Our older posts all said 'By Rebecca Hammett', because I was signing into her account at home and blogging from there! Another major change is the quality of our blogs. We want to deliver exceptional content to you guys, because you really deserve it! Finally, we're going to include lots and lots of mini giveaways to keep you guys satisfied! For the first one, you need to comment below your Pinterest, Tumblr, Blog link, Instagram or website for us to check out. We'll randomly pick a winner on the 10th of June to receive a follow (or comment if this it is a blog) on every one of the above that they list!

Earlier we mentioned how much we care about your views and opinions on our blog. Also, this blog is designed for you. We think we should do a Q&A on the 12th of June (next Saturday from today). Please leave your questions below, they can be anything from our favourite food related, to simple questions about how much we plan to upload!

Finally, we plan to change the intro to our posts - from now on we will be calling you all beauties instead of the previous introduction. Hopefully this will add maturity and just make our blog even cuter - hope you enjoy it!

So keep reading for longer, more thoughtful posts by both of us.

Lots of love,
Besties Blogging xx