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Hey peeps!
We are going to collab (visit Girl Behind The Screen's Blog at and Secretgirl's at  !) and create a super fun, cheery, beauty-filled lifestyle blog together. Happy reading!
Girl Behind The Screen posts about beauty, happiness, being positive, confidence and lifestyle. She has recently reached over 180 visits in one week.
Secretgirl focuses her blog on uplifting people, and beauty. She enjoys handing out beauty advice, and reviewing fun products! She posts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Also, she has a second blog, linked on her website!
We both hope you really enjoy this new blog!
Bezzies Blogging xoxo
Below, we're going to record our views!
24/01/2016, 234 views, 6:40 pm
19/02/2016, 1566 views, 10:08 am