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Hey peeps!
We imagine you'd like to be able to view each of our separate sites, and contact us via email. We will hold a few competitions, with prizes such as a featured guest post, to keep up to date with our readers. Also, by emailing us you can take part in Q&A posts!
To view Secret Girl's beauty, fashion and lifestyle site, click here:
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We would be happy to guest post on other sites and also to have guest posts on our blog, if you give us the link to your blog. To submit a guest post, simply write an article relating to beauty, lifestyle, fun or fashion between 200 - 1000 words long. 19 out of 20 guest posts will be accepted, with links back to your own blogs or sites. Thank you so much! Please email us (email address is above) and submit your email address so we can contact you. Thank you!
Besties Blogging xxx