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Girl Behind The Screen

Hey peeps!
This page will feature me and my main blog, Girl Behind The Screen Blog, along with a few ways to contact me or follow me on social media. Enjoy!
OK, a few personal links for you to click on:
1. My main blog is a beauty, lifestyle and positivity blog. You can visit it by clicking this link:
2. I have a birding and nature blog including photography called Teen Birder. You can visit it by clicking here: - thanks!
3. My best friend (yep, Secretgirl) has a great fashion/lifestyle blog. You can visit it by clicking here: Enjoy.
I have two Pinterest accounts - please follow me! My usernames are BloggerGirl12 and Becca Hammett. I pin everything from fashion, beauty, photography, blogging, makeup, hair and DIYs.
I am twelve and really love writing. I have written a book, Sapphire, which is self-published on Smashwords. It has 32000 words and follows a girl called Sapphire as she grows up and joins a tumbling act in a circus. It is completely FREE to download, too!
When I am older I want to be a writer and am training hard. I guest post on many blogs, as well as blogging daily, editing and writing. I also write for magazines and websites.
Please visit any of my links and enjoy reading! I love making people happy and would really like to be a blogger/author. Please help me and support me by commenting, sharing my links and liking me on social media. It would mean a lot to me (and don't worry I will follow you back and visit your site if you have one).
Thank you all so much.
Girl Behind The Screen
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